5 Best Hacking Books in under 50$-100$ (2016-2017)

Hello dear friends you are welcome here,Our today's topic is on best hacking books 2016.In this post i will mention all of those books which is nesesary to become a good programmer (hacker as well).The job of a hacker is not only to harm others but instead of that they can manage the security of their country and give the protection against cracker(Unethical hackers). So if you want to be a good coder and programmer the you must need to read these given books and i'm sure if you are good in learning and reading then no one can harm you only because of your knowledge which you get from reading these best written books.

Here ,after lot of research on the internet i reccomend these books because ,some of the books listed here are just for beginners who don't know nothing about coding ,programming,pentesting etc. And some books are for extra talanted guys who have some knowledge about these topic and concepts behind the technique.So if i say this post is only for beginners ,no i'm wrong ,I cover all the books for both type of people either they are beginner or not.Hacking is considered to be a two-way tool wherein a computer system is penetrated either to make it more secure or to create mischief. Ethical hacking is defined as making use of programming skills, so as to penetrate a computer system, and determine its vulnerabilities.

Actually ,you will know about a term  white hat which is frequently used for a hacker,did you know? The ethical hackers are skilled computer experts, often called as the "white hats". And they protect us from black hat or bad people.

So one thing you know well that to become an expert in perticular subject, we need some hand written notes or books ,so here my main moto is to clearify the confusion about which book you need to read ,which book you need to buy and why? etc.So i can suggest only these some books because the selling of these books is very high,so you can judge the quality of the books.
So without wasting your valuable time (Time is very important for a genius guy) ,i am going to list all of the important books which will make you an expert definatlty.  

1.) Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition (25.78$) 

This is most important books for beginners who want to know the basics of ethical hacking,in this book the author cover all the topic which is generaly faced by newbie during implementing some ethical hacking job.So we can say this is must read book for starter.In this book you will get some extra programming technique,shell code and exploitation etc.The way of writting in this book is very clear and step by step which are great for new comers as well as knowledgable person.This book will help you understand the complexities of the digital security tasks. author Jon Erickson explains how arcane hacking techniques actually work. To share the art and science of hacking in a way that is accessible to everyone, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition introduces the fundamentals of C programming from a hacker's perspective.

This book will teach you how to,What is program computers and how to do it  using C, assembly language, and shell scripts etv,how to run  arbitrary code using buffer overflows and format strings,and Gain access to a remote server using port-binding or connect-back shellcode, and alter a server's logging behavior to hide your presence,and also you will get depth knowledge about encryption of wireless traffic and how to Crack encrypted wireless traffic using the FMS attack, and speed up brute-force attacks using a password probability matrix and many more thing you get after reading this full book.Also its price is affordable to buy ,it is only a cup of cofee for you i think.
(Buy This book from amazon)

2.) Metasploit: The Penetration Tester's Guide (39.76$)  

This book is only for those people who want to deal with penetration testing.If you don't know about metasploit then don't worry this book is perfect solution for you ,but i think you allready know something about metasploit becuase you are a good learner (i assume that's why you came in this post).The ending of the book provides you with an actual penetration test’s simulated version so as to provide you with a realistic experience.In 2014 this is the best selling book under pentration cetegory so i highly reccomend you to read this book for getting enough knowledge about what acualy metasploit and how it will work and how a person deal with it.
(Buy This book from amazon)

3.) BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide(47.49$) 

I think you will here about backtrack5 somewhere and know also the popularity of it,This is the only book which you must need to read ,in this book author provide full step by step tutorial along with some description which make this book most popular in 2015 and till now this book make huge sell on the internet.It provides a good mix of basics and high level knowledge and works cohesively with the reader.And i think the author know about the technicality issue of many new programmer and make his mind set on this book ,so Instead of explaining only theoretical concepts, the book consists of finely tuned and crystal clear tutorials. 
(Buy This book from amazon)

4.) CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide, Premium Third Edition with Online Practice Labs (199.99$)   

Prepare for the EC Council's Certified Ethical Hacker v9 exam with complete confidence using this highly effective self-study system.There is no doubt that it is one of the most well written books of all times and many good programmer also reccomend this book. It provides crisp and clear writing with relevant examples along with a humorous touch to enliven the dry and mundane subject.Inside the book, IT security expert Matt Walker discusses all of the tools, techniques, and exploits relevant to the CEH exam.And the best thing about this book is that The book also includes Practice exam software with 300 practice questions (Windows only) and Secured book PDF.So i can only say about this book "Must buy" and i'm sure after reading this book you realise that you are you.
(Buy This book from amazon)

5.) Computer and Information Security Handbook Second Edition (92.57$)

I can only say about this book is If you have the patience to read through a thousand pages of highly technical content this book will make it well worth your time.And I'm sure you will get each and everything about what actauly the computer concept and how the features will work.If you want to be a good security realted expert then this is must reading book for you,and after reading this book you will be familar with vulnerablity ,and easily find certain parts of the technology is more vulnerable than others or not.
(Buy This book from amazon)

Some more Books which have good content and popular in its category listed below you can directly go to the link and purchase them.

So this is the over all post for those people who want to improve our knowledge  by reading some well written books,here i tried to cover all those books which are good for starter as well as expert.If you like this article please do share it with your friends,thank you so much for reading this post and hope this post is helpful for you.

How To Perform Ping of Death Attack Using CMD And Notepad (Just For Learning) In Hindi

Is post ko padhne se pehle Dosto main aapko bata du ki ye post thoda technical hoga so thoda coperate karna hoga aapko,main apni taraf se aapko samjhane ki puri kosis karunga.Is post ke title ko padhkar hi aapko aisa lag raha hoga ki koi khatarnaak attack hoga and reality bhi yahi hai ki ye thoda technical attack hai jo sabhi logo ko itni a asani se samjhane me mujhe problem hogi iske liye aapko thoda pehle se knowledge honi jaruri hai ki denial attack kya hota hai spoofing kya hoti hai uske liye is post ko padhiye what is Dos attack and ip spoofing  also aapko internet ke kuchh technical words ko bhi janna jaruri hai uske liye post padhiye computer ke kuchh important technical words.

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Ping Of Attack Hota Kya Hai?

To ab main start karta hai actual me ping of death attack hota kya hai,basically ye ek tarike se denial of service attack hai jisme jo attacker hota hai bo simply pehle ek ip address ko target karta hai ,ip se matlab hai mera ki har ek computer ya system ki apni ek ip address hota hai ,to attacker pehle victim ke computer ki ip address ka pata lagata hai and iske baad bo us ip par continuously ping packets send karta rehta hai jisse us victim ka system me buffer ki condition aa jati hai buffer se matlab hota hai ki computer confuse ho jata hai pehle kis request ko execute kare kisko baad me kare,to sirf computer ki isi confusing ka fayda attacker utha leta hai aur targeted system ko crash karne ki kosis karta hai.

Ping Kya Hota Hai?

Ping command ko hum cmd (command promt) ki help se anjaam de sakte hai,jiska kaam hota hai kisi server ya fir Gateway ki position check karna ki wo us time running me hai ya nhi,baise to ping command ka aur bhi bahut sare use hai lekin yanha par sirf itna  hi use hai iska ki uski up and running position ko check karna.Agar aap iske baare me aur janna chahte hai to ye post padhiye "cmd ke best command in hindi"

Well ye ping packets ka negative side hai ,aap sirf itna samjhiye ki jaise jaise hum ping packets ka size badhate jayenge baise baise ek malformed ping packtes ka formation hoga aur bo computer par attack karne ke liye ready ho jayega.To is type ke attack ko hum "ping of death" attack kehte hai dosto. 

Ping of Death attack work kaise karta hai ?

Baise to sabhi computer is type ke large data ko handle nhi kar pate hai ,sabhi computers me ek limit hoti hai ki wo sirf ek fixed size ka data hi handle kar sakte hai.Jab ping of death packet ko sent kiya jata hai ek source computer se dusre targeted machine ko to wo ping packets kuchh chhote chhote groups me fragment ho jate hai ya kahu to bo devide ho jate hai small packets me.
Aur jo ek fragment hota hai uska size 8 octets size ka hota hai,jb bhi ye packets targeted computer tak pahuchte hai to bo apne aap fragment me batne lagte hai,To wo targeted computer kya karta hai ki wo apne aap wo sabhi malformed packets ko collect karne ke kosis karta hai jo wo us time attacker ne usko send kiye the kafi jyada quantity me.Ab jab bo targeted computer jo sab kuchh assemble kar leta hai to yahi main reasion hota targted computer me buffer overflow hone ka.   

Aur is buffer flow hi karan banta hai kisi bhi system ko crash karne ka and computer me aur jyada vulnerability find out karne ka ,aur ek baar system dusre kaam karne me busy ho gaya to attacker isi ka fayda uthakar kisi trojans horse ko victim ke computer me install kar deta ,aur fir trojan ke baare me to aap jante hi honge uska kaam kya hota hai.

A simple tutorial on how to perform DoS attack using ping of death using CMD:

Note: Dhyan rakhna ye sab main sirf aapki knowledge ko badhane ke liye bata raha baise isme koi jyada technicality nhi hai.Fir bhi aap iska galat istemal mat karna ,agar aap aisa karte hai to uske jimmedar bhi aap hi honge main aur ye website nhi hogi ,main sirf aapko technicality ke baare me batata hoon jisse aap bhi aur country ke techy guys ki tarah apne india ka naam rosan kar sake.

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Here are the steps:

Step:1)  Sabse pehle notepad open karna aur usme neeche diya gaya code paste kar do

ping <IP Address> -l 65500 -w 1 -n 1
goto :loop
Note:Ip address ki jagah par aapko victim ka ip address daalna hoga
Step:2)  Aur is notepad files ko dos.bat ke naam se save kar le ,dhyan rakhna .bat extension lagana nhi bhoolna.

Step:3)  Ab simply jab bhi aap is file par double click karenge to ek command promt open hoga jisme bahut sare pings running hone lagenge.

That's it dosto main iske baare me jyada aapko nhi bata sakta hoon kyonki uske liye fir mujhe jyada defth me jana hoga ,jo main aapko dheere dheere hi bata paunga kyonki ek post ko likhne ke liye mujhe kafi mehnat karni padti hai.
Note: Ek baat ka aur dhyan rakhna ki ye command sabhi computer par work nhi karta hai isiliye ye mat sochna ye command sahi nhi hai.
To bataiye dosto aapne is post se aapne kya seekha ,agar ye post apko thodi bhi knowedge de deta hai to main samjhunga ki meri post ko likhne ki mehnat safal ho gayi hai.Is post ko share jarur kariye apne social network ke sath yaani apne facebook friends ya kisi aur social plateform me.Main iske liye apka thankful rahunga.

zANTI A Best Of Best App for Ethical hackers-Must Read Article In Hindi

Aaj ke is detailed post se aap bahut kuchh seekhne bale hai ,aap is post me ek application ki help se wo sab kuchh karna seekh jaoge jin term ke baare me bade bade white hat hacker baat karte hai,jaise MITM attacks, MAC address spoofing, scanning, password auditing, vulnerability checks and much more.Main baat kar raha hoon Zanti application ki jo muhe aaj tak ka sabse best apps laga hai android mobile ke liye.Aap jab isko chalana jaan jayenge aur iske features ko samjhne lagenge to aapko bhi ye best app lagega ye mera promise hai aapse.Actually kya hai ki is app ko khaas taur par security professionals ke liye banaya gaya and isko develope kiya hai Zimperium Mobile Security ne.

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Zanti ek penetration testing tool kit hai,And basically ye kisi bhi network pr attack karne ke liye aapko allow bhi karta hai.Jaisa ki maine aapko upar bataya hai ye different task jaise MITM,Scanning etc  ko pura karne ke liye bahut helpful hai aur ek perfect toolkit hai hackers ke liye.

So today main aapko Zanti ke baare me step by step guide dunga kaise isko use kiya jata hai aur iske differents features ko kaise perform kiya jata hai.Lekin aage badhne se pehle aap sirf itna jaan lo ki aap akhir kya kya kar sakte ho is application ki help se kyonki agar jab tak aapko base hi nhi samjh aayega to aage badhne se koi fayda hi nhi hai.To chaliye aap neeche dekhiye ki kaun kaun se feature Zanti support karta hai as well as perform bhi karta hai

    Change device's MAC address.
    Create a malicious WiFi hotspot.
    Hijack HTTP sessions.
    Capture downloads.
    Modify HTTP requests and responses.
    Exploit routers.
    Audit passwords.
    Check a device for shellshock and SSL poodle vulnerability.
Main jaanta hoon aap upar ke point padh kar kafi Excited ho rahe honge lekin in sab cheejo ko sirf aap apni knowledge ke liye seekhna kisi ko nuksan pahuchane ke liye ,Mera maksad sirf itna hai ki main apne Indians ko bo sab knowledge dena chahta hoon jo dusre country ke bachhe sirf mehj 9-10 saal me hi seekh jate hai Aur hum indians ko in sab ke baare koi jankari hi nhi hoti hai,kyonki hum logo ko sirf padhaya jata hai practically karke nhi dikhaya jata hai.So keep reading and know how this app work for different task.
Let's start!
Note: Aage badhne se pehle main aapko bata du ki Zanti app sirf rooted device par hi work karta hai so pehle aap apna mobile root kar lijiye otherwise aap kuchh bhi nhi kar paoge,phone ko root banane ke liye maine pichhle month ek post publish ki thi aap use padh sakte hai is link par jakar.

How To Install and Use of  zANTI In Hindi

Step:1)   Sabse pehle to aapko google play store ka ek alternative download karna hoga jiska naam hai 9apps is link par jakar kyonki 9apps me aapko bahut se aise hacking apps mil jayenge jo apke liye useful honge aur agar aap hacking seekh rahe hai apne android mobile se to ye 9apps aapke liye must hai so isko download jarur kariye , and  zanti app hai wo aapko google play store me nhi milega balki 9apps me mil jayega .Ya fir zanti app ko aap neeche di gayi link se download kar lo.
Download zANTI 2.2. (Official Link  | MediaFire Link  )

Step:2)  Ab simply zanti app ko apne mobile me install kar lijiye ,aur dhyan rakhiye mobile rooted hona chahiye,aap jab ise open karenge to root permision mangega to simply root permision grant kar dena.

Step:3)  Iske baad jo screen khul kar aayegi usme aap apna email addres daal dijiye and "I accept Zimperium's EULA" ke aage bale box me tik kr dijiye.And iske baad "Start Now" par click kar dijiye.
Step:4)  Ab aapse network se join karne ke liye kaha jayega to simply ya to "Enable" par tap kar dijiye ya fir "Skip" par click kar dijiye and kuch seconds ke liye wait karna.
Step:5)  Iske baad ek screen open hokar aayegi jisme simply aapko "skip" par tap karna hoga and iske baad Zanti ko enable karne ke liye "I am fully authorized to perform penetration testings on the network" par tik karna hoga.
Step:6) Ab simply "finish" par click karna hoga.
To dosto ye to tha ki kaise aap zanti ko install kare apne mobile me ab aage hum ek ek karke seekhenge iske features ya fir kahe program modules  ke baare me jo maine aapko upar bataye hai.So keep reading ....

1. Mac Changer Ko Kaise Change Karte Hai Zanti Ki Help Se

Zanti app ka ek feature hai mac ko change karna to neeche steps me aap jannenge ki kaise wifi mac address ko aap iski madad se badal sakte hai.

Step:1)   Sabse pehle aapko zanti app ko open karna hoga,iske baad navigation key ka use karna hoga ya fir apne mobile se left ki side swipe karna to aapke samne ek screen khul kar aa jayegi.
Step:2)   Ab is screen par aapko ek option dikh raha hoga "MAC Changer" is par tap kariye.
Step:3)   Ab simply "Set new MAC Address" par tap kariye and kuchh seconds tak wait kariye ,zanti app apne aap aapko ek random mac address change karke de dega.
Step:4)   Agar aap chahte hai ki mac address custom ho yaani jo aap chahe bo ho jaye to simply aapko pehle "Generate Random" ko turn off karna hoga and iske baad aap apne man pasand mac address ko type kar sakte hai and type karne ke baad "Set new Mac Address" par click kar dijiye
That's it dosto is tarah ap apna mac address change kar sakte hai.

2. zTether ko kaise use kare

Zanti app me apko ye feature bahut achha lagega kyonki is feature ki help se wifi hotspot create kar sakte hai and apne network ko control bhi kar sakte hai.Abhi jab aap aage isko padhenge to ye jarur kahenge wow..
To dekhte hai neeche step by step kaise zTether ko use kar sakte hai.
Note: Is baat ka dhyan rakhna ki zTether ko use karne se pehle aap apne phone ka wifi turn off kar de otherwise ye sahi se work nhi karega.

Step:1)   Zanti app me ye feature hoga "ztether" ka to simply us par tap kariye
Step:2)   Iske baad "Tether Control" ko turn on kar dijiye ,isse other users aapke network se connect ho sakte hai,jab aapke network se at least ek bhi user connect ho jata hai to aap aasani se tarffic se sath khel sakte ho.
Step:3)   Jab koi bhi user aapke network se connect ho jaye to simply first (Logged request)  "view"  par click kariye ,isse uske sabhi http reaquest aapki screen par open hokar aa jayengi.Itna hi nhi aapko uske sabhi user name and password bhi uske pata chal jayenge jo usne apke network ka use karke apne mobile par open kiye honge.Mera matlab hai ki agar usne apne mobile se facebook,google,twittor etc ko open kiya hoga to usne password aur username to dala hi hoga so ye sab aapko pata chal jayega.
Step:4)  agar aapko uski aur detail chahiye to simply kisi bhi logged activity par click kar dijiye ,isse uski puri detail jaise sessions, passwords, requests and user agents ye sab pata chal jayenge.
Step:5)  Ab agar aap uski HTTP session ko hijack karna chahte hai to simply "session" par click kariye isse ek screen aayegi jisme victims ke sabhi session aapke mobile screen me show karne lagenge.

Step:6)  Aap wo sabhi images ko bhi dekh sakte hai jo usne aapka network use karke facebook ya whatsapp kisi bhi medium se send ki hongi kisi third person ko ,iske liye simply aapko second "view" (Logged Images) par click karna hoga ,isme aapko wo sabhi images mil jayengi.

3. zPacketEditor ko kaise use kare

Ye aapko HTTP  request ko modify karne me help karta hai ,ye basically ek editor hai jo http request ko edit karke and usko modify karke send kar deta hai.
Jante hai zPacketEditor ko kaise use karna hai.

Simply aapko sabse pehle zanti app ko open karke "zPacketEditor"  par tap karna and module ko turn on kar dena hai,isse aap wo  live request and responce dekh payenge.Aur agar aapko inko modify karna hai to right ki taraf swipe karna ,and usko edit kar dena and iske baad simply "send" button par click kar dena hai.
That's it friends

Ab zanti ki agli functionality ke baare me jante hai......

4. SSL Strip ka kya kaam hota hai

Ye basically ek MITM attack hai ,jisk matlab hota hai man in the middle attack,iska kaam hota hai ki kisi secure https connection ko http ki tarah use kare.Ye jo SSL strip hota hai bo bydefault turned on hota hai pehle se hi.Isko main is post me nhi samjh sakta kyonki ye ek bada topic hai jo is post me cover nhi ho payega.

5. Redirect HTTP

Is feature ki help se aap kisi bhi HTTP traffic ko kisi bhi perticular site ya server par redirect kar sakte hai.For example aap zanti use kar rahe hai and aapne zanti me "Redirect HTTP" Ko on karke rakha hai jo bydefault hi turn on hokar aata hai to aapka sara traffic zanti ke server zimperium ko redirect ho jayega by default ,and now ab agar aap is traffoc ko kisi another site ya server par redirect karana chahte hai to aapko sabse pehle setting icon par click karna hoga and wanha par apko ek area dikhega usme aapko wo url dalna hoga janha par http ko redirect karana hai. 
That's it
Ab aage badhte hai apne favorite feature ki taraf jo mujhe sabse achha lagta hai...

6. Replace Images

Ye bahut hi funny trick hai Iski help se aap kisi bhi websites ki images ko (Jo victime ke web browser me hongi) change kar sakte hai.Aur unki image ki jagah par apni images ka use kar sakte ho,To aisa karne ke liye aapko simply "setting" icon par click karna hoga and iske baad "select images" par tap karna hoga.
Ab aap koi bhi image ko select kar sakte hai apne android phone se aur simply fir setting icon par click kar dijiye.Ab kya hoga ki jab bhi koi victim aapke network se connect hokar koi bhi web browser ko open karega to use humesa har jagah aapke dwara selected images hi dikhayi deti rahegi.
Bas dosto aise to iske bahut se feature hai agar main bo sab batane lagunga is post me to ye post bahut jyada lamba ho jayega ,to agle post me main aapko baki ke sabhi ke features ke baare me batunga ,apne agle post me main kaun kaun se feature cover karunga uski list neeche de rakhi hai maine.

How To Perform MITM Attack?
How to Establish Connection to a Device?
How To Check a Target For "ShellShock" Vulnerability?
WiFi Monitor
HTTP Server
How To Scan a Target Device?
password complexity audit
Capture Download
Intercept Download
Replace Downloaded File
Insert HTML

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Bas dosto ye sab hum janenge apne agle post me tab tak liye padhte rahiye seekhte rahiye is website se aaj ke liye bas itna hi kafi hai milte hai next post me jo aur bhi jyada intrested hai.Agar aapko ye post pasand aaya ho to please isko share jarur kariye apne dosto ke sath and unko bhi batayiye meri is website ke baare me.Main iske liye aapka thankful rahunga humesa.