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Hello friends today i explain very intrested topic which is how to  steal sensitive data from any other person mobile phone.this tutorial is only for educational purpos.If any problem you face after reading this tutorial i am not responsible for that, user solay responsible about.

if you are Looking for a Cell Phone Spy software to spy on cheating spouse or monitor your teen’s

text messages? Well, here is a way to turn someone’s cell phone into a Spyphone and record every

activity with the world’s most powerful cell phone spying software. if you access your victim mobile

phone for couple of minutes .All this is possible within minutes from now!

In Today there exists a lot of cell phone spy softwares on the market and as a result people often find

it difficult to choose the right one to fit their spying needs. those software which is working perfectly

for everyone ,we have decided to give a thorough review of the Top 2 Best Selling Cell Phone Spy

softwares on the market.which is very useable.so lets check it one by one.first of all give some rating

about these two software ,we servay upon these software and decide its rating on the basic of my readers.

(1.) Spy Phone GOLD – (Rating: 9/10)

(2.) Mobile Spy – (Rating: 8/10)

as you see above spy phone gold is high rating.

Spy Phone GOLD and Mobile Spy are the current leaders in the market which are used by thousands

across the globe to spy on cheating spouse, monitor employees and keep an eye on their teens. Here

is a complete review of these two products.simply follow all steps carefully.

first lets introdused.

1. Spy Phone GOLD Review:


From the Responce of my many readers i decide no.1 spy software which is spy phone gold.its rating

is high so we give 1st priority in our blog.

as we know Spy Phone GOLD is is the No.1 spy software on the market which turns any compatible

cell phone into a Spy Phone within minutes. It offers every feature that a true cell phone spy software

should have. Hence most people choose Spy Phone GOLD for their cell phone spying needs.

many of my friends want to see the work of our friends and family member.to know how much time he give to mobile.

if you dont know how this spy phone gold software work ? dont worry here i provide much information about that.
How Cell Phone Spying Works?

As you know these type of software are not freeware.it give us much information of any mobile

phone where it is installed.so you need to purchace it before going on.

After your purchase, you can directly download the installation module onto the target cell phone.if

you access victim mobile phone for few minutes then your task will half. Installation takes only a few minutes. After installation, each activity on the target phone is recorded and uploaded onto the Spy

phone servers. You can login to your online account from your PC to view the logs at any time. The

logs contain Text messages, Contacts List, Call History, GPS Locations and many such information.

in this software i really like one feature which is call interception.lets know some what is call interception.
Call interception:

 call interception ,When the target cell phone is on the conversation, you will receive a secret SMS

notification on your phone.it notify you . At this time you can call the target phone to listen to the live conversations going on. All this process takes place in complete stealth mode and is 100%


Top Features of Spy Phone :

we are very eager to know what is the feature of a perticular software ,so dont wory here are full feature of spy phone gold .

1) SMS Logging – this feature simply Records both incoming & outgoing SMS

2) Call Interception – it give you fully freedom for  Listen to the actual calls LIVE on the target cell phone

3)  SIM Change Notification –when victime change their sim card it  give you  notification via SMS when the target cell phone changes it’s SIM

4)  Remote Control – Send secret SMS to the target phone to control all functions

  5)  Environment Listening - Make a spy call to the target cell phone running SPY PHONE and listen in to the phone’s surroundings.

   6)     SIM Change Notification – Get instant notification via SMS when the target cell phone changes it’s SIM

   7) Spy from any location across the world

  8) feel free use it because it is FUD( Fully undetectable ) or we can say  100% Undetectable
Compatible Cell Phones:

As for the demand of many people this software name Spy Phone GOLD is fully compatible with the following mobile phones

1)  Nokia, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson Phones

 2)  BlackBerry Phones

 3)   Apple iPhones

 4)   Windows Mobile Phones

so why are you waiting ,lets some enjoy .

Click Here to Download Spy Phone GOLD

2. Mobile Spy Review:

as we know mobile spy is  the No.2  spy software on the market which turns any compatible cell

phone into a Spy Phone within minutes. It offers every feature that a true cell phone spy software

should have. Hence most people choose mobile Spy  for their cell phone spying needs.

Although Mobile Spy is not as feature rich as Spy Phone GOLD, it offers a good bunch of features

that every spy software should have. It is a very good choice for those who are looking for a

mid-range spy software at an affordable price.

How it Works?

we mention all steps of working spy phone gold above,The working of Mobile Spy is exactly same as that of Spy Phone GOLD. However Mobile Spy lacks the feature of call interception.

what are the Features Mobile Spy ?

Mobile Spy offers every common feature such as recording Call Logs, SMS, GPS Locations, IM Conversations, Web Activities, Emails etc. It is very similar to Spy Phone but lacks the vital features like call recording and call interception. Thus with Mobile Spy you cannot listen to live calls on the target cell phone.

Compatible Cell phones:

Mobile Spy is compatible with Nokia, Samsung, LG, Apple iPhones, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile Phones.

Click Here to Download Mobile Spy


Here is a quick comparison between Spy Phone GOLD and Mobile Spy

Which Cell Phone Spy Software to Choose?

IF YOU have still doubt what software you prefer then again we say dont worry,

If you want a high-end spy software with top features like call interception and call recording then

Spy Phone GOLD is the right choice. Or else if you’re looking for a mid-range spy software with

basic features at an affordable price then go for Mobile Spy. So what are you waiting for? Go grab

either of the two from the following links now:

1. Click Here to Download Spy Phone GOLD

2. Click Here to Download  Mobile Spy

some other software which work perfectly:

Spy Phone Silver 

SPYPhone Silver also allows you to listen to the surroundings of the target mobile.SPYPhone

SILVER software for Symbian Series 60, Windows Mobile and BlackBarry mobile phones. Listen to

phone environment surroundings, and read SMS, Call Logs, Emails of a Symbian, Windows mobile

or BlackBarry phone. Avaliable for immediate download.

Spy Phone GOLD SMS 

SPYPhone GOLD SMS also allows you to listen to the surroundings of the target mobile, listen to the phone conversation and to know the location of the device.

Spy Phone Basic

Spy Phone Basic is entry level product for those with minimum spying requirements.

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