how to Create a boot image from a floppy boot disk

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! If you haven't noticed, the quality of floppy disks isn't that good. You don't want to trust your floppy disks.

With the CD-ROM available on almost every computer now a day, more and more computers don't

have a floppy drive... What if you have some bootup floppy disks and you just want to keep a copy of them, just in case? Well, you rather not to put the disks in the storage and expecting a few years later,

you'd find them and they still work just fine

The solution is simple: simply make a copy of your floppy disk and save it as a file (an ISO image)

on your computer. Then, when you need it, you can either make a new floppy disk or even a CD out of it.

what is the Requirements?

one and single  Floppy drive, of course!

The following instructions are based on an image utility called MagicISO. You can choose to use a

different "image" software, whichever supports this option. MagicISO is not a freeware, but a trial

version will still what you need.

 here are some steps to follow carefully simply follow step by step procedure for getting your desire feedback .

  step 1:) first of all  installed MagicISO ,if you have not then  download it here  and install it.

step 2:) after that  open the MagicISO, if you're using the trial version, click on "Try it"
 step 3:) after open it simply Insert a bootup floppy disk that you want to create an image from.
step 4:) now simply  Select "Tools" from the top menu of MagicISO, then select "Make Boot 

Image from Floppy Disk" ( see bellow picture )

  step 5:)
after that  At the Save As dialog box, browse to the location you wish to save the image file.

 step 6:)  Enter the name of the image file under "File name" (i.e. "bootimg.iso") then press "Enter"


step 7:) The image creation progress starts to read the floppy disk and write to the image file.

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