How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on Kali Linux

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Since  I  write  many  article  about  kali  linux  so  now  i  cover  keyboard  shortcut  article ,Else  I  agree  keyboard shortcut  is  faster  ...Today   I  am  going  to  explain  a  interested  article  that   is  all  about   How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on Kali Linux has a itself background story. It was happen about 1 or 2 month ago when I get my Kali Linux distribution from

my  luck  with  me  so I am  successfully installed Kali Linux on my virtual box  in first time , but when I tried to press CTRL+ALT+T (terminal shortcut on backtrack) it's not worked, instead I must click the terminal logo on the top of my Kali linux window.
So actually how to make a keyboard shortcuts on kali linux?
If the case is you only want to run a terminal, you can try to press ALT + F2 and type:


Now  begin  step  by  step  guidance how if we want to make a Kali Linux keyboard shortcut?

what  is  your  Requirement:

1. obiously  you need   Kali Linux  if you  have  not  simply  download  it   from  here 

How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on Kali Linux:

First  of   all   simply   go to  the following  location  which  is  given ,(  bellow see  bellow  picture also  for  your  understanding )

    Applications –> System tools –> Preferences –> System Settings

 How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on Kali Linux

step:2) .After that  On the System settings, simply  find hardware group and choose keyboard

  How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on Kali Linux

step:3). now  simply  Choose and click shortcuts tab, and press the plus( +)  sign at the bottom to add a new  can  se  following  picture  for  you understanding

 How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on Kali Linux

After  that  Put the name (my  reccomendation  is  you  select  that name which  is  easy to recognize) and the command (in this case it is a terminal)

step:5) . simply  you  need  Click the disabled area until it change the words to New accelerator.

step:6) . Now you can choose which shortcut you want for your Kali Linux. In this example we use CTRL + ALT + T to call the terminal.

We can directly try our new kali linux keyboard settings.

Hope you found it useful :-)

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