How to Make XAMPP MySQL Database Accessible by Network

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Xamp  is a free  and  open   source  cross platform web server  solution  stack package,consisting  mainly  of   the  Apache HTTP Server ,Mysql database,and interpreters  for  scripts  written  in  the  PHP and  perl  programming  language.XAMP 's  designers  intented  it  for  us  only  as a  development  tool,to  allow  website  designers  and  programmer  to  test  their  work  on  their  own  computer  without  any  access  to  the  internet. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use – just download, extract and start.If  dont  know  How to install XAMPP simply   come  on  my  article  how  to  install  xamp in 7 simple steps,This tips and trick   is  all  about   How to Make XAMPP MySQL Database Accessible by Network is a short tips and trick for you who confused because the MySQL reject the connection come from the network.

Now   today I  am  going  to  share  a  article  about configuring the MySQL database to accept connection come from network, because by default the new XAMPP will reject connection from outsiders.

How to Make XAMPP MySQL Database Accessible by Network: 

Step:1) first of  all   we are going  to  use PHPMyadmin tool to manage the permissions.

Step:2) if  you  don't  know  how  to  open  phpmyadmin tool  simly  open  your  web  browser  and  type  following  url ( http://localhost/phpmyadmin)  now  a  window  will be  open like  bellow  picture.
Note: this is  make sure  by default the username is root and password leave empty.

Step:3) Now  you  go  to   Inside the administration menu,simply  click on Users tab.

Step:4) You  see   By default the users are root, pma, and phplicense. In this I will use user root and change the privileges.

Step:5) Simply Scroll down until you find the following " change login information / copy user."  here  in  this  section  You need to change the host value to any host, because by default this host was set to localhost I  hope  is  that  clear  for you. 

Step:6) after  put  host  input now  When finish editing, just click the Go button and your database ready to access from the network.

I Hope it   is   useful  for  you  . :-)

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