How to Block any Program using Windows Firewall

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Microsoft gives many feature inbuilt one of this is Windows Firewall .It is free and comes with all  Windows firewall protect your PC from unwanted attack .It is also useful  to block a certain  program or a hacker, just open up your Windows Firewall if you think how is this possible then simply  follow the steps below.

Blocking a Program with the Firewall

Step:1) first of all you need to Open the Firewall in Windows 8. While on the Start screen, type firewall and select Windows Firewall option . Alternatively  You can  click on Settings and select Windows Firewall. 


Open the Firewall in Windows 7/Vista/XP. Click the Start menu and select Run. In the Run box, enter firewall.cpl and then click OK. You can also access Windows Firewall from the Control Panel.

Step:2) Click the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” link. It may be called “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”. This will open a list of programs with check boxes next to them. 

Step:3) After that Click the “Change settings” button. In order to be allowed to adjust the settings, you may need to click the “Change settings” button. If a password is required, enter it now. 

Step:4) Now you need to  Uncheck the box of the program which you want to block. When the box is unchecked, the firewall will block it from connecting to the internet.

Note: If you’d like the program blocked when connected to a Public network but unblocked on a Private network, or vice versa, check and uncheck the appropriate boxes to the right of the program listing.

Checking boxes will allow the program to access the internet. Only allow those  programs  which have good reputation in market or you trust. 

Step:5) now you have almost done ! for successfully block any program Save your settings. Once you’ve finished making changes, click the OK button to save your Firewall settings.

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