Unlock/Reset Pattern Lock On Android Device With And Without Root

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Hello dear friends welcome back I hope you are fine .Today I teach you simple trick by which you can bypass pattern lock security.Our smartphones  carry a lot of personal information .All of your text messages emails,notes,pictures,music,and so much more are all on there.Users that are security conscious can set a "pattern" lock or a pass-code as a security lock to secure their handsets.Password are a bit harder than pattern locks that's why The most popular lock method in the poll from the beginning of the month is the pattern lock .On android you have the option to create a pattern unlock in addition to a pin or password. 

You know guys The built-in pattern lock tool is useful for adding an extra layer of security to your Android smartphone although we are humans so tendency of forget occurs. What happen if you forgot your pattern and want to know how to unlock android phone or tablet? In those days Pattern lock become  very important layer of security for those who have sensitive data or have personal files in their android devices. This will help you to prevent your device from unauthorized use but the trouble starts when you forget it.Don't worry friends here is the solution for that I am going to show you in This tutorial  how you can  unlock and reset your android device lock pattern if you have forgotten your lock pattern easily  and can remember your Google/Gmail account.

We've discuss time and time again how important it is to maintain good smartphone security .

Today many android phone user use the inbuilt unlock pattern to give security to their phones. This is very easy to use but some times after many wrong attempts it locked permanently after that you need to enter the user id you enter in the google play store to unlock phone but there is some problem to unlock again if u stop data usage in your device so it can't be connected with internet and then you cannot unlock phone without this trick.it can be extremely frustrating when you've forgotten the pattern you use to lock your smartphone.

Now start today's article how to break pattern lock of android device basically there are three  methods to unlock the pattern lock of any of your android device or tablets.This article is one of the method in android forensics covering how to bypass pattern lock screen of android phone.

  • 1) Use Google account
  • 2) Without google account but lost your data (Recovery mode)
  • 3) Unlock pattern without loosing data (for rooted device)

1) Use Your Google Account For Unlocking

This is the simplest method to unlock your android's pattern lock.The basic need of this trick is your phone has internet connection enabled(by mean Wi-Fi or SIM) .for unlocking pattern lock or password on android device with Google account see below steps.

Step:1)--> When you try different patterns and unable to unlock your phone in five attempts. Then a message pop-up and shows two buttons next and try again.

Now click on next button and you see two options for unlocking phone. One is answer the security question and the second option is to provide Google account details.

Step:3)--> Mostly people don't set a security question. But if you set it then simply answer the question and unlock your device quickly. Otherwise check the Google account option and click next.

Now provide your Google account username and password attached with your device and click on sign in.

Step:5)-->  After that you are directed to choose new pattern and now you can unlock with this pattern.

That's it friends.

2) Unlock Pattern Without Google Account:

In this tutorial will show you how to unlock and reset your android device lock pattern if you have forgotten your lock patter.The main drawback with this trick is you will lost your all important data ie:picture,music,video etc.. For knowing  how to unlock password or pattern on android without Google account Just follow these simple steps.

first of all you need to switch off you android phone and then wait for second to switched of it.

After that Now hold this buttons all together at the same time Volume up + Home Key + Power Button until the phone boots (if you device doesn't have a home button just hold together volume up key and power key

Note: method we use three keys Volume up, power and home. But in some phones home is not available so you can press Volume up and down with power button. Here we are not going to tell you all combination of buttons for factory reset. So you can search for your specified android smartphone or tablet.
Step:3)---> Now a screen like DOS will come up with different options
Use the volume key to move up and down then scroll down to Restore Factory Defaults or Delete all User Data depending on which is on your device.

Step:4)---> After clicking on the settings above, now scroll down to Reboot System Now  and wait for your phone to reboot.

3) How To Unlock Pattern Or Password Lock Without Data Loss (For Rooted Device)

How To Unlock/Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on an Android Device with and without root

Have your ever lost the data in your Android device? Losing data is the toughest one which we cant face and need to be avoided. Have you not able to recover the data even with the password recovery tool. These are some of the things which i have noticed from many people who are using mainly Android smartphones. So this article gives the detailed description about how to unlock pattern lock or password without losing data on the android mobile. 

The first step you need to do is download the Aroma File Manager for successful operation. For free download  << click here. >>

Step:2)---> Once you have downloaded the file, move the file to the memory card and insert the card to your device.

Step:3)---> Open the Stock Recovery of your device(press power key + volume up key together), there are different ways for different devices to enter into stock recovery but i ensure go along with Google and your android device name. Once you got it, enter into stock recovery which is a black interface.

Step:4)---> select "install zip from sd card" option and give a path to downloaded " Aroma file manager"

Step:5)---> flash the selected file

Step:6)---> Now you will get aroma opened in the recovery mode.

Step:7)---> In Aroma file manager, go to "settings" > "scroll upto last option" > and click on "automount all device on start " > and "exit aroma file manager"

Follow the steps 4 & 5 again

Once again ,you will get Aroma file manager opened

Step:10)--->Now find and navigate to "data folder" > " system folder" > find the "gesture.key or "password.key" for pattern lock or password lock respectively

Step:11)--->Delete that particular key from your device.

Step:12)--->Exit the aroma file manager and reboot your device.

Step:13)--->  Once the device is restarted, it will show a pattern on the screen,don't worry  now you can type any pattern, but remember it will also be the same for password of your device.

That's it friends if you faced any problem please put your comment below .
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