Top 5 Best Wireless Durable Keyboards and mouse combo Under Rs. 1500 in India (2018)

In this article we will discuss about which combo of wireless keyboard and wireless mouse is perfect for you. If you have been around on our website you must be knowing that we have had a few articles on wireless things. This one here is another installment in the series.So now check all of them one by one.

1) Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Rs. 1299)

The range of the mouse and keyboard is really good. The connectivity is also really fast. Light weight, very comformtable if you want to connect your laptop to TV and operate it from far.

I have been using both the keyboard and mouse since a month regularly and it works without any issue.The mouse is little bit heavy because of two pencil cells inside it. The built quality of the mouse is very good but the keyboard is decent.

1) Compact and sleek design

2) Media hot keysMouse: Compact design

3) Durable battery

4) High definition optical tracking

5) Plug-and-play setup

6) Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT

2) Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Black) --(Rs. 1450)

Awesome looking Product, Quality is also very good, Best Piece of tech all Budget Pc builders need, who are all want to tweak their aesthetics of PC.
Keyboard and mouse both are good.. Looks good comfortable to use.

I used the same product MK220 since 2014 till date. All keys have worked properly and no problems at all. Have changed batteries once in this period. I use the keyboard and.

1) You get a reliable connection upto 10 meters.

2) 128-bit aes keyboard encryption helps keep your information secure.

3) Only one usb pin is for both mouse and keyboard.

4) it has the scroll lock option.

3) MK275 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Rs. 1499)

This is a very good product,I love it very much bcz its keyboard's keys are so smooth and stylish also and also love with the mouse.

It's an amazing products.. With long battery life.Hassle free connectivity. There is a dedicated key for each function - multimedia, sound, home, email, calculator The most amazing key is the sleep key.

1) wireless combo

2)  single AA size cell in mouse.

3) works even on glass and shiny surfaces.(invisible optic technology)

4) on/off switch on.

5) Works right out of the box with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 - no software installation required

4) Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard mouse ( Rs . 1395) 

Soft keys and less noise, mouse is a better one, this combo is very good in performance with both Desktop & Laptop. Nice product in this price i recommended to all buy this dell km 117 awesome! and also work in android phones using OTG cable.

1) Attractive design

2) Comfort and precision

3) One Year National Warranty By Dell

4) Compatible with android

5) Combo contain Bluetooth Wireless 6) Dongle Adapter

5) Lenovo 100 WIRELESS COMBO KEYBOARD & MOUSE ( Rs. 1249)

Its worth buying at given price range. Market price is above 1200. Lenovo is trustable brand. Amazing keyboard and mouse with its nice look
Easy to press buttons. I had a good experience with a Lenovo keyboards on my office laptop.

1) Mouse fits into the palm comfortably with no issues .

2) It work on smart tv

3) The key feedback was good with no challenges to type .

4) The mouse sports a clean and streamlined design

5) Keyboard & Mouse passed rigorous testing simulations to ensure maximum reliability.