Password Protection to USB Drive without using Any Software

Follow below given steps :
Step:1) First of all Click on Start button in your windows screen Or press windows and type anything from keyboard you'll see a search bar.

Step:2) Now in search bar you need to search for Bitlocker Drive Encryption tool

Step:3) Now launch that application by tapping on it.
Step:4) Then look for your USB drive and click on Turn on Bitlocker

Step:5) Now set a password .

Step:6) Click on Next ,If you want to save your password in a safe place or make backup of your password.

Step:7) And after saving your password in your desire place simply click on Next button.
Step:8) Now click on Star Encrypting tab.And wait for few minutes.


Now if someone tries to access your USB, Windows will ask him/her to enter the current password.