Ten Best Android Rooting Software Which Work With And Without PC 2019

As you know Rooting an Android phone has became very nessesary to do some special task through our device.So Today I am coming with a solution of almost every android mobile users who want to root their device but not able to do. I recieve mamy emails daily having the simple question 'how to root my phone model' So i can say it is the most search query over the internet.So before telling you about root ,i want to say that every phone model has unique method to crack systems limitation so don't worry here i listed some of the best rooting software ,which can help you to root your tablet or android smartphone.If one is not working then try next software ,i hope this post would help you.

So Today in this post, i am going to  share some best  one click root solution, by which that you can easily root your Android device very simply.

Best Android Rooting Software To Get Root Access With Computer:

1) Kingo Android Root

It is the most helpful app for rooting your phone because it support almost every brand.The list of its supported device is quite long so i can't give you the name of supported phone model ,you can search it on its official site which i mention below.After checking it i can it is A straight  forward solution that provides a one click method to root your android device.The success rate of this tool is higher then others so this is the main reason for listed it in first position of the post.It is available not only for mobile device but also you can install it on your windows computer and used your system for rooting your android phone.Here i m not giving you the procedure how to use kingo root tool for rooting your device bacause it us dame easy fir every users.

you can downoad it from its official site or directly from here  

Note: if you want check the compatible device list then please go here

2) WonderShare Mobile Go

It is another a great tool for android users who want to root device and access system files of android operating system .So very first you need to download it and install it on your device ,and after opening it you'll see you need to press root key for one time only so i can say Wondershare MobileGo root your device in 1 click .User interface of this tool is awasome and easy to use even a non techy guy can access it.And the best thing is that it is available for windows also so you can use your windows system to give your mobile device root access.Please remember that sometime it required internet connection of high speed. 
you can download it from here 

3) SRS root

If you are a samsung user then this tool is helpful for you to rooy your smartphone or tab.There are lot of apps and software available on the intrnet but SRSRoot tool is quite well among others because it is very easy to use and having good feedback from its users on google play store.You can not only root your device with srstool but also make your device unroot in a single of the click.So if you have any problem with your rooted device then you can easily unroot it simple.and the best thing with this tool is it provide you two method of rooting one is Root Device (All Methods) the other is Root Device (SmartRoot).
you can download it from here

4) Root genius

root genius

It is highly reccomended tool for everyone ,it have very high success rate according to many of the sites all over the internet .After kingo root this is my best choice.Root Genius is created by Shuame for Windows- based computers.Root Genius is a tool that can help to root almost any smartphone or tablet PC running Android.If you have Android KitKat smartphone then this is the best tool for you it'll root your device in one click. Root genious suport more than 10000 android smartphone or tablets so you can understand about its success rate.But remember it is available for windows based system.
you can download it from here

5) iroot 


It is another a good tool after root genious and It support almost all android devices more than 150000 devices from android OS .2.2 to 4.4 .it is free oneclick android root solutiom for you .It was published by XINYI network.For your kind information i want to tell you that It is a updated app of  vroot.
you can download it from here

6) One Click Root :

This tool is very popular at this time for  root n  your Android device in one click. It support most of the Android Device. It is 100% safe and can be used to unlock all major Android Smart Phones.

you can download it from here

Note: You can check the supported device list here

Best Android Rooting Software  To Get Root Access Without  Computer:

1) supersu pro 

supersu pro

supersu is the the superuser access management tool of the future! it allow for advanced management of superuser access right for all the apps on your device.

  • dialing *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#* for accessing it.
  • Good eye friendly themes Dark, Light, Light- Dark Actionbar, and Default device.
  • Selectable icons for the app.
    you can download it from here



    superuser APK gives you solutio to control android root access easily.In the process of rooting ,an application called "superuser" or "su" often ( but not allowed) installed.superuser is the app that manage what apps on your rooted device .
    you can download it from here:

    3) superuser x(L)


    superuser x(L)

    superuser X(L)  legancy may be a streightforward root tool and alternative way to grant superuser rights to groot apps.rooted apps required a unix/linux style way to access  groot rights on your device.
    Traditionaly superusers required user action to allow/denny or supervise what grooted apps do.
    you can download it from here

    All these tools are available for free, you can download and root your device. If you find any problem, you can ask it in comments.if you like this article please share it.have enjoy tricking....