costomizing microsoft internet explorer-all tricks of internet explorer and shortcut keys

We  can  configure  the  personal  setting   of  microsoft  internet explorer  .there are  lot  of  things  you  can  change  the  setting  about  like pop -up  blocker , page  setup , hiding/showing  toolbar , setting   text  size  and  so  on.
Here we  will discuss  about  few  of  the most  used  tricks  of  microsoft  internet  explorer. we  see a  number  of  tools  and  feature  which  provide  easy  access  and  customization.


we  can  do  page  setup  for  a  web  page  in  internet  explorer  before  to  make  a  print.
Step:1) first  of  all  click  the  file  (in some version click print)  >>page  setup;

Step:2) after  that  ,In  the  page  setup  dialog ,set  the  Margin  and  choose  paper size;

Step:3)  click  the  page  orientation  and  some  else;

Step:4) and  simply  click  okay


IT is  a  dialog  window  comes  during  surfing  the  internet  with  some  certain content  . It  come  anytime  depending  on  the  website  you surfing . some  website  contains  and  reveals  a  lot  of  ads  during  surfing  through  which  a  user  sometimes  get  irritated  . you   can set  the  pop  up  to on  or  off  or  he /she  can  allow  some  specified  website  popups  with  pop up  setting.

Here are the  steps  .....

step:1)  Rush to  tool  >>pop-up  blocker;and

step:2)  Click  turn  off  pop-up  blocker; or

step:3) Go to  pop-up blocker  setting  to  personalize  the  setting.

2) Show/Hide Tool Bar:

we  can   show  or  hide  the  tool  bar  of  microsoft  internet  explorer  as  per   our  persanal  requirement.
Here  are the  steps  follow  :

Step:1) Rush to view >>toolbar

Step:2) choose  to  check  or  uncheck  the toolbar

step:3) checked will show  and  unchecked  hide  the toolbar
Ther  is  number  of  toolbars  in  microsoft  internet explorer (IE)  which can  be  shown  or  hidden by  the  above  steps.

1) Menu bar                       
2) Favorite bar
3) Command bar
4) Status bar 

3) setting  text size: 

During  surfing  some  people  face problem  about  viewing  the containts  of  websites  then  there  is  the  need  of  setting  the   text  size  larger,It  can   even  be set  to smaller  according  to the  need  of  users.
here  are  the  steps  are   given:

Step:1) Click On  view menu

Step:2) Goto  text size and  select Largest ,Larger,Medium,Smaller or small

4) Browsing  History:

we  can  see  the  browsing  history  created  by  a  user.The internet  explorer  keeps  history  of the  pages  navigated  and  browsed   .  You  may  even  delete  the    history   of  web  pages  navigated  from  the list.
Here are the steps follow  them
Step:1) click view menu

Step:2) goto  explorer  bars  and  select  history

Step:3) press+ shift+H   

here after  you will  see  history  panel  to  the left  of  the browser  window  in  which  there  will be  history  of  browsing  enlisted  date  wise,clcik  a date  and  view  the  history  of  browsing  and  pages  visited   or  navigated  in the list.

5) Deleting Browsing  History:

History created  during  surfing  and  navigating  the  internet  can   be  deleted  .sometime  we  can  did  not want  to  leave  the  history  of  the  webpages  visited  then  we  need  to  delete  the   history  of  the  browser  .History  of  the  browser  can be  deleted  entire  or  partial . this  command  allows  deleting  an  optional  kind  of  history  like  form  data, cookie,inprivate filtering,password,and  temporary  internet  files  that  you  may  leave  or  delete.

to  delete  your  history  of  the  browser follow  the  steps....

Step:1) click tools menu

Step:2) select delete browsing history or press  ctrl +shift+del ;or

Step:3) select   internet  option  and  goto  general  tab;and

Step:4) click  the  delete button  under browsing  history;

Step:5) check  or  uncheck  the history  field  and  click   OK.

6) Restricting  Website In   Internet  Explorer:

you   may  customize  the  browser  application  to  restrict  some  websites  not  to  open  or  provide  access  to  those
here  are  the  steps  provided  for block  any  website  in  microsoft  internet  explorer(ie)
Step:1) click  tools menu  and

Step:2)  select  internet   option  and  goto  security  tab  and

Step:3) select  restricted  sites  icon  under  and   click  to  sites  button  and;

Step:4) in the  dialog  , add  or  remove  any  certain   website  to restrict.

7) Changing Home Page:

In the  browser   application  there is  always  a  homepage set  in   dafault . Mostly   there  are homepage set  of  the  devoloper  corporations.

Here  are  the steps  to change the  home  page of  a browser  application

Step:1) click tools menu

Step:2) select internet  option  and  goto  general tab 

Step:3) mention  a  url  in  the homepage  textbox  and  click  apply  and  then  OK  button

Step:4) you  can change  to  dafault home page  or  change  to  blank  page  or  change to  current  page 

Step:5) click  apply  and  then  okay buuton.

8) All Shortcut Keys Of Internet Explorer (I.E):

Here we collect all useful shortcuts key which  genrally you need.The followings are short-cuts for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some keys are version specific .
this section  is  divided   into two parts:
1) mouse shortcuts and
2) keyboard shortcut

1) Mouse shortcuts:

(1) Double-click (On a word)                                     Select the word.

(2) Triple-click                                                              Select entire line.

(3) Wheel click                                                              Activate the Smooth scrolling

(4) Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel forward                       Increase font size

(5) Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel backward                    Decrease font size

(6) Click one point then hold Shift & click another     Create a selection from the two points

2) Keyboard shortcuts:

(1)  F1     Help.

(2)  F3     Toggle on/off search panel.

(3)  F4     Pull down address bar.

(4)  F5     Refresh current page.

(5)  F6     Move focus to address bar.

(6)  F11     Toggle on/off full-screen mode

(7)  Alt + (Left Arrow)     Go back on history. Same pas Backspace

(8)  Alt + (Right Arrow)     Go forward on history.

(9)  Ctrl + A     Select All.

(10)  Ctrl + B     Favorites.

(11)  Ctrl + C     Copy Selected.

(12)  Ctrl + E     Search panel.

(13)  Ctrl + F     Find (on page).

(14)  Ctrl + H     Toggle History panel.

(15)  Ctrl + I     Toggle Favorites panel.

(16)  Ctrl + L     Open File. Same as Ctrl + O

(17)  Ctrl + N     Open New browser window.

(18)  Ctrl + P     Print current page / frame.

(19)  Ctrl + R     Refresh. Same as F5

(20)  Esc     Stop (while page is loading).

(21)  Ctrl + Enter     Auto complete a url address. For example, type  in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to get

(22)  Ctrl + D     Add the current page to favorite.

(21) ctrl+t    Open new tab in same window.

(22) ctrl+k    Duplicate current tab.

(23) ctrl+w    Close the current tab.

(24) ctrl+shift+t    Restore closed tab (open previously closed tab).

(25) ctrl+q    Show Tabs: Open or close quick tab view.

(26) ctrl+i    Open Favorites box.

(27) ctrl+shift+i    Open Favorites box in pinned mode.

(28) ctrl+h    Open History box.

(29)  ctrl+shift+h    Open History in pinned mode.

(30)  ctrl+j    Open Feeds.

(31)  ctrl+shift+j    Open Feeds in pinned mode.

(32)  ctrl+ left mouse click    In the History or Favorites boxes,
(33)  ctrl+d    Add the current webpage to favorites.

(34)  ctrl+b    Open the Organize Favorites dialog box. Use tab to
(35)  alt+space    Opens the title bar menu.

(36)  alt+space+enter    Restore Window (default Windows feature).

(37)  alt+space+x    Maximize Window (default Windows feature).

(38)  alt+space+n    Minimize Window (default Windows feature).

(39)  alt+shift+enter    Toggle regular window / full screen
without toolbars

(40)  f11    Turn full page view on or off (default Windows feature).

(41)  f6    Move forward between window elements.

(42)  ctrl+n    Open a new browser window.

(43)  f4    Close IE8 Window.