How To Convert Media Files Using vlc Media Player

In this post I am going to tell you how you can easily convert your media files sing vlc media player.did you know ?this  is  possible  to  convert  your  video files or movies  using  vlc  media  player into  the variety  of   many  formats  .  There are many program that allow it but  when  you  have  vlc media player  so   not waste  your  time to  download  any  video converter.So now today I am going to show you how to convert all type of media files using vlc media player as a free  video converter for all your media files.

How T Convert Media Files Using  VLC Media Player 

Step:1)  First open vlc media player and simply  go to Media > Convert / Save,

Step:2) Now after a new window will be open click on " file " here you can  see two box.And in the first box simply select any video which you want to convert through vlc and in second box you can add subtitle.

how to  Convert Media Files using  vlc media player

Step:3)  After adding your desire file in click on the convert/save button and a new window will be opened and select the destination folder where you want to store your converted file ( see below screenshot for better understanding)

how to  Convert Media Files using  vlc media player

Step:4)  After making all nessesary settings simply click on convert button tab.

how to  Convert Media Files using  vlc media player

That's it dear.