How to Install XAMPP Server in 7 Simple Steps 2017

It is just a simple method on how to install the XAMPP for the beginner who just want to learn about php, mysql and apache and how these language works ( overview).

Step By Step How To Install Xampp In 5 Steps:

Step:1)  first of  all  download  xamp  server  from  here .

Step:2)After  downloading succuessfully  make  Double click on  the xamp  server installer, and simply choose your language. 

Step:3) when you click ok a new pop  up window like  bellow picture  open,  simply Click Next to continue to the next step. 

Step:3) now  you need to select the location where you want to install xampp can.Or if you dont give it any location the. by default its location is C:\XAMPP, where c is system drive. 

Step:4)  In Dont make any changes in by default setting in xamp ,simply click  on install button to  continue.

step:5)  you need to click on click on install button  now your xamp  server  start  installing.

Step:6) After completing the installation of xamp,simply if  you want  to start  xamp  server at  that time  simply  click on yes  button

Step:7)  Now the control panel of xamp looking like below figure.Here you can view the Apache server state and MySQL server state.Make tick on appropriate boxes and click on start button for starting the service.


To insure that your xampp installation is working fine simply open your browser ( any  browser ie: mozilla or chromo ) and type http://localhost/xampp/   you have  successfully  installed  xamp  server  when congratulations  XAMPP window open  .

Note:  This  is  make  sure  that  your computer port 80 is free and not in use to  check  it  simply open  command  prompt (cmd)  and type netstat -an and  hit  enter.

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