Reveal Asterisk Saved Passwords on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome

Today i  am  going  to  explain  a  trick  which  i think many of you want.My today's  topic  is how to reveal asterisk password or we can already saved password.Here i'm taking two most useable browsers for this tutorial ,one is mozilla and second is chrome.I know you want to see the password behind the asterisk of your friend or family member but unfortunately you did not do. By using this tips you can easily extract password from your mozilla firefox or chrome browser.


1. First  of  all  you  need  Mozilla Firefox latest version.

2. If you are using google chrome dont worry the steps are same as mozilla.

Step By Step To Reveal Asterisk Saved Passwords On Mozilla Firefox : 

Step:1.) first of  all  Open our Mozilla Firefox web  browser.

Step:5)  After that try to open a website having login page like facebook or gmail .If you have allready save the pasword for facebook or gmail next login then you will be seeing the astrisk instead of your password's character ,simply select that astrisk and make Right click on it and choose Inspect Element option.

Step:7) when  you  click  on  inspect element  a  pop up  box  appear  bellow  the  browser and  you   see  some code  there simply find  type="password"  ,when  you  find  this  double  click  on  "password"  text sonow  this  time  code  looking  like  type="text".

Step:8) The asterisk password will be shown and revealed :-)

How If It Is On Google Chrome Browser? The Steps Is The Same. 

Step:1) Open the log in page, right click the password box and choose Inspect Element

Step:2)  Change the input type="Password" to type="Text".

Step:3) The password is revealed in  chrome   browser .

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