Set up/display Video as Desktop BackGround wallpaper using VLC media Player

hello dear today i m going to start a new article which is helpful for vlc media player users so follow below given steps:

Step:1)  first  of  all  Install VLC  if  you  have  not  vlc  simply  download  it  from  here and open it.

Step:2)  after  when  you  open Click on Tools > Preference  (see  bellow picture) 


Step:3) when  you  click  on  preferences button a  popup window  open  like  bellow  picture  simply  click on  video  icon  which  is  on  the left side.

Step:4) under the video  setting  ,simply  select  directx video output  output  from  the  dropdown  list.

Step:5) now  save  setting  before  exist the  window

Step:6) now  this time  to  restart  your vlc  media   player

Step:7)  now  when  you open  vlc  again simply  play  any  video which   you want  to choose  for  your  desktop  background

Step:8)  right  click  on  video and under video  tab click  on  direct x wallpaper.

Note: if  you  are  using windows aero themes ,then  you get a message  box  which  say  "the color scheme has  been  changed  to windows  basic."

Step:9)  when  after wallpaper  is  enabled  minimize  vlc  media  player  and  you  have  done successfully  . 

I hope you will find this tutorial informative and useful. If you find it useful and this works for you, don’t forget to share this post on Facebook and Google plus. If you are stuck anywhere, do let me know. Do you use any software to use video as desktop background?please share it  with us