How To Find/track Lost Or Missing Android Phone Using Anti-Theft Apps -2016

In today every phone have silent mode feature .Generally you put your phone in silent mode because when your  girlfriend/boyfriend called you,  no one listen your call ( just joking friends ).Sometime you feel yourself frustrating when you put your mobile somewhere and forget where you put it .you search here and there but not get .Now you make call to this mobile no but you put your mobile in silent mode so again you are not able to find it.Don'tworry friends today I coming with a trick by which you can find your android phone easily even  your phone under silent mode.

Step To Find Your Phone Even Your Phone Under Silent Mode

So, if you want to find your Android phone easily then follow the below given steps to get started.

Step:1)  First of all, open up your Android device and then go to Google Play Store.

Step:2)  Now, in Google Play Store, go towards  search box and type Ring My Droid and  then tap on search icon button.

Step:3) Download and install ring in droid app from Google play store.

                                    -----     OR    --------

you can directly download ring my droid app  from here  

Step:4) After the app is successfully installed on your phone then simply press menu button of your phone and select ring my droid app and open it.

How To Find/track lost or missing Android Phone ,All anti-theft apps

Step:5)  Now, when you open the app then it will ask you to enter a Key Phrase. Well, the Key Phrase is just a secret phrase or word which is used to trigger the phone alarm unless you find it.

How To Find/track lost or missing Android Phone ,All anti-theft apps

Step:6) After entering your desired Key Phrase then tap on Set button you see a message like bellow picture

How To Find/track lost or missing Android Phone ,All anti-theft apps

Step:7)  Now, if you want to check that if it is working or not then just send a SMS from another phone with the Key Phrase that you have entered previously.Then, as your Android phone receives the SMS with the Key Phrase in it then it will trigger the alarm on full volume even when your phone is on Silent mode.

Step:8) when you find phone simply click on Found phone  button for stop ringing phone.

How To Find/track lost or missing Android Phone ,All anti-theft apps

Note: Your Key Phrase is like your password. Keep it with you, otherwise people or some prankster friends may SMS you your Key Phrase and set off your alarm anytime! ;)

5 Great Anti-Theft Apps 2016

There are 5 alternatives of ring my droid app .All feature same like as ring my droid app.

1) Where's my droid

2) Plan B

3) Android lost free

4) Seekdroid lite

5) Anti droid theft

More Anti Theft App

Here is the list of 9 best anti theft app which is useful for your mobile can download all of bellow apps from Google play store.

1) Cerberus

2) Prey anti theft

3) Find my phone

4) Lookout security & antivirus

5) Mcafee antivirus

6) Kaspersky mobile security

7) Nortan mobile security lite

8) AVG antivirus

9) Avast ! mobile security