how to Run any Trial Program Forever using RunAsDate software 2018

Actualy these thing comes under reverse engineering technique which is quite tough for a normal computer user to understand .But in this tutorial I will not talk about reverse engineering ,here i'll show a much simpler way ,and in this way we'll simply use a utility called RunAsDate so to know how this makes any trial version of a software works for ever.I am sure after using the method which is given here you can run the trial program forever. 

Steps To Hack The Software And Run The Trial Program Forever:

Now start today's tutorial for this You will have to follow these tips carefully to successfully hack a software and make it run in the trial mode forever

Step:1)   first of all you  Note down the installation date and time of trial software.

Now after some days you'll see that the trial period of the software expires.

Step:3) now the time come to use RunAsDate utility , you need to run the software using RunAsDate.
Note:   This is make sure that do not run the software(program) directly after expiry date. If you run the software directly even once then you can not hack any trial software or make that lifetime.
Step:4)   click on the below given download links according to your system type for downloading runasdate tool.

DOWNLOAD  for 32bit system

DOWNLOAD   for 64bit systems. 

Step:5) after the download ,now open RunAsDate using winrar or winzip utility. 

Step:6) After extracting You will get 3 files here so simply open  RunAsDate.exe file by pressing double click ( see bellow picture for better understanding )



Step: 7)   Now you'll see a screen same as following given having some options,you need to only deal with 2 fields ,we'll just use “application to run:” ,simply select your software which you want to hack and on the next field just enter the actual date and time you have installed the trial software.


Step:8)     Now time come to click on “Run” after that wait till the application will instantly launch. 

Importent :  please remember that if the trial period expires on jan 30 2009, In runasdate ,you need to put jan 29 2009.