How To mod Any Android Games Using Gamecih ie:Subway surfers ,Candy crush 2017

Follow below given tutorial without wasting your valuable time in knowing about gamecih and how it'll work,now direct jump on the main theme.


  • 2-you need to download and install Gamecih  in your device
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Step By Step Procedure To Hack Android Games Using Gamecih :

Step 1:) First of all you need to download Gamecih application by clicking  here 

Step 2:)  After download it completely simply install it in your android device by taping on apk file .

Step 3:) now Open the app and then you need to grant Super User permission to gamecih because this is the requirement of this tool,without rooting your device you can't use this app.

Step 4:) after that open any of  your already installed android  game which you are going to hack , Here I am showing you to hack Subway Surf and try to get unlimited keys and coins. You can use this same concept in other android games also ,steps are same as given below.Now open subway Surfers game,After opening you will see a small  rectangular box on the top of your mobile or tab's screen.

Step 5 :)  Now before increasing the no. of keys and other stuff you need to first check  your current keys,coins,gold,money which you want to modify.Here I will modify the number of keys ,In my case i have only 3 keys.

Step 6 :)  after that you need to  click on search button and search for input number,name etc.So for your clear understanding ,you know no. means 1,2,3,4,5,6 and names means-some names of feature for example gold,money etc


Step 7:)  Here I want to increase number of keys (keys is the no. ,not name) so select input number and enter 3 because i have only 3 keys (Check your phone how much you have because you need to enter the same ammount of keys).You can put the input number of keys,coins,diamonds,gold etc which you want to increase or decrease.

Step 8 :) Now the following screen will come.


Step 9:) Now click back option and you need to spent all the 3 keys you have ,In this tutorial I will spent 3 keys. Here my main aim is to change the no. of keys either i can increase or descrease. Here, I decrease the number of keys by spending them. Now i have 0 keys.This is nessesary yo make your keys zero.


Step 10:) Repeat steps 6,7,8 your screen appears as


Step 11 :)  Now entry box will pops up.Simply enter the desire ammount of keys and click on modify button.

Step 12 :) Now again you need to click on lock icon for making the changes parmanently.

Step 13 :)
Now you'll see you sucvessfully hack the game or keys of the subway surfer.

You have done full tut here I hope you enjoy it and after reading this full article I am sure you definitely hack any games except online games.if you have faced problem in any of the above given steps you are free to comment here in comment box section you are always welcome here.
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