Best Ways To Increase Internet Speed In Android Phone Or Tablet 2018-2019

Hello friends today i am coming with an article which is helpful to  increase your android phone's  internet speed . If you don't know how to boost your internet speed then you came in right place.

I know due to slow internet connection, it is very difficult to watch YouTube videos on a slow internet connection but thanks to net speed booster tool which is easily available on the internet,you can improve your net speed simply by using this great utility.Here i'll tell you not only about software tools but also provide you some manual method to increase your very slow connection.So continue reading.......

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Best Android Hacks to maximize the speed of your internet connection:

#1) Use UC Browsers Instead Of Other Browser.


UC Browser is the fastest browser for android users also available for ios device or desktop version. If you want to download or browse faster then uc browser is perfect web browser for you,the reason of the effectiveness of this browser is ,all the 3rd party ads ,popunder etc blocked by this browser while you are browsing,So i can say freely you can download your favorite movies,videos or song fasterm then others. This 3rd party app is very useful for them who want to surf the web faster.If you are thinking that how uc browser faster then other?Then you need to know here that uc browser is able to block all 3rd party advertisement easily by default.
Note: you can Get UC Browser for your android device from Google play store.

#2) Use 4G Instead Of 3G

you can switch your network to 4G to increase your internet speed. So simply Follow these below given steps:
  • First of all Go to Settings of your android device and simply Click on "More" and after that go to  "Mobile Networks" now here you'll see a option called 'Preferred network type' simply Select "4G" instead of 2g or 3g.
  • OR above point not work simply navigate to "Settings"  then go to "Wireless and Networks" after that go towards "Mobile Network"  then Select "4G" instead of 2G or 3G.

#3) Block 3rd Party Apps From Using The Internet:

I think you need to know that many of the apps use internet in the background because they requires it,So because of it your internet connection fell off .Simply you need to block them by using any ads blocker tool also disable the unessesary  background process .You can do it by using these android application DroidWall OR NoRoot Firewall.
Note: you can download both app (DroidWall and NoRoot) from Google play store directly.

#4) USE These Top Apps Which Are Useful To Boost Your Internet Speed.

If you are familiar with google play store and make searches daily on it then i think There are many apps in Google play store which offer to boost internet speed of your android device but Here i'll tell you about best 8 Android apps that can help to boost your internet  speeds to tolerable levels, and help you to survive the long holiday gatherings.But first make sure that some of the apps listed below working with root access or some app does not require root.
 Note: Sorry Here i am not providing you the direct link for download these below listed apps because of broken links so you can directly download them from Google play store, its available here .Some are paid apps but don't worry you can hack paid apps and games easily using black-mart app if you want full tutorial on how to hack paid apps try my previous guide which is all about how to hack android paid apps..

1-Internet Booster & Optimizer.

2-Faster Internet 2X

3-Internet Speed Booster

4-Internet Speed Master

5-Internet Booster (Root)

6-Free Internet Speed Booster

7-3G Speed Booster

8-Internet Speed Booster 3G/4G

#5) Remove Unwanted Apps

Please make sure that all the installed app is useable or not,if any app is not helpful for you then unistall it and free the internal space, Every app you install in your phone take some storage space i think you know it ,and runs in background . The more storage space occupied or the more background processes running on your phone, This is the main reason for slow down our device performance

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Bonus Tips:

1) Always clear your android's cache memory, if you don't know how to delete cache then follow this steps go to "file manager">>find the folder named "android" open it and delete "data " folder .
  • 2) Browse internet in incongnito tab.
  • 3) Don't run more than 2-3 apps while browsing the internet.
  • 4) disable the Auto-Update feature by going to play store setting.

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