Changing Administrator Password Without Getting System 5 Error

Hello friends in today every one wants to crack password of login screen ,I am sure after following the tutorial you can easily Change windows  Administrator Password using Command Prompt(CMD) .Here I'll provide you a best way of using cmd for reseting the  password in simple steps by which you'll be able to change your (or anyone's) Administrator account password in windows 7 ,window 8 or 8.1, without asking him the previous password.

Generally when we try to change any password it required the old password but in this tutorial you don't need to put the old password.I'm going to divide this article into two part for your clear understanding. but our motto is to change windows administrator password without knowing the old one.

 1) Change windows password when you know old password (not recommended)

 2) Change windows password  without knowing the previous one (reccomended)

#1) Change Password When You Know Old One

if you know previous password then you can easily change your system's password  see below steps for change your windows 7  password .

Step:1)  Fist of all Click on Start and then Control Panel.

Step:2)  After that you need to Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link

Step:3)  Now Click on the 'User Accounts'.

Step:4)   click on the 'Change your password' .

Step:5)  In the first text box, enter your current password.

Step:6)  And you have seen ,there are two more box ,so here you need to input your desire password twice.

Step:7)  In the next box, you need to enter a password hint so if in case you forget your password,you can easily remember it by seeing the hint.

Step:8)  This is last step simply Click on the Change password button ,and save the setting ,you are done!
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2) Change Window 7 or 8 ,8.1 Password Without Knowing The Old Password:

Follow Step by step guide to change or reset windows 7,window 8,window 8.1 password

Step:1)  first of all you need to open command prompt(cmd)in administrator mode ,if you don't know how to open cmd simply go to start, and search CMD and do right click on CMD and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR(it's the most important step of this hack, unless "System 5 Error" will be shown in the end) and then click OK.
(see screenshot below)


change your windows 7,8 or 8.1  password without any software using cmd(command prompt) 2015
windows 8 or 8.1 users  press window key + x and select command prompt(admin) (see screenshot below )


change your windows 7,8 or 8.1  password without any software using cmd(command prompt) 2015

Step:2)  now after open cmd(you see a black window) type the following command in the cmd box and  press ENTER It will give u the names of all the USER accounts existing in your computer.
Note:here, there's a SPACE between NET and USER

Step:3)  After executing the above command you'll see the all exists user account  Here, in my case three are 3 account exist in my computer "Administrator", "Guest" and "PC". Forget about guest account and administration account So you just need to note only one admin account which is visible here is 'PC'.

Step:4)  enter below command in cmd box and hit enter.(see screenshot for your clear understanding)
 net user PC *
Note:Here, there's ONE SPACE between NET and USER as well as between PC and *


change your windows 7,8 or 8.1  password without any software using cmd(command prompt) 2015
Step:5)  now Enter your password two times and confirm it.(see above pic)
Note:  Here you are not able to see the password like ************* so don't worry.
Step:6)  After all you have done! successfully change your or anyone's windows password.

That's it dear ,this is overall tutorial for changing the password of your system.