11+ Best ANDROID Hacking Apps For Hackers (Rooted Or Unroot Phone) 2017

In my previous post i explain  easy method to hack facebook ,whatsapp,instagram,snapchat etc So you need to read my previous post ,because that is must read article for everyone

.Now today i am going to provide you top most important hacking application list for your android phone (rooted or unrooted device) .if you are looking for the post like this ,definitely you are a deserving hacker so for your knowledge i'll give best 11 + apps which are useful for your daily life ,In my previous post I explain how to install kali linux on your android device as you know kali is the best tool for hacker but don't worry without kali you can do anything before 10 days ago i posted a article how to hack wifi using android phone without kali so you think everything possible yes its almost right.

Now going to our actual tutorial i just want to say some of the application required root or some work fine without rooted device ,so first you need a rooted device if you have not rooted phone don't worry you can easily root your phone simply going to my this article " how to root android device in single click "  if above tutorial not helpful i mean not work for your android device then go to this "  <<tutorial>> " here i give the list of some best application which are useful to root your phone with and without computer

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#1- Faceniff :-(Root Required)

Dear friends Faceniff Allows You To Sniff over the wifi network And also Intercept Web Session Profiles That Your Mobile Is Connected To.When you have succefully root your device then you easily Hijack Sessions  but the condition is it works only when Wifi Is Not Using EAP  But It Should Work Over Any Private Networks.
Faceniff is similar as the Firesheep android app. And also it is very Easy To Use ,and the best thing is that It also Works On WPA2 network.

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IMPORTENT:This apk comes with limited to use you can only hijacked 3 profiles, if you want to hijacked more profiles then you'll  need to activate it and You can buy it easily from its official site but you can download the trial version from the below given link.

<<Download HERE >>

#2-Penetrate Pro:- (for rooted)

it is very useful android app who want know about how to decoding and accessing a secure Wifi Network from Android.So i think Penetrate Android app would be a cool handy app for you and your device aa well to get access to the secure wifi network from Android Smartphone and also from your android tablets. If you want to calculates the keys of some routers then this cool app is perfect for you And lets you to get access by using the password.Also you need not to download any extra dictionary because it is not necessary with this penetrate pro app.

Please keep one thing in mind that ,this tool is only works on rooted android os.
Download Penetrate Pro Android Apk v2.1.1 from << here >>

#3- SpoofApp android app:-

This app is cool for them who want to make anonymous calls to his/her friend or any family member.Actualy this app is perfect for you if you want to hide your identity ,so no one can understand about yourself.Also you can change your voice so your friend never suspect that you are calling him or her.Below i have listed some more features of this spoof app So After Using this application you are able to :
1) Change your voice:

2) Make anonymous call to anyone either your friends or enemy

3) Record capability:
    you can Download it from << HERE >> 
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    #4- Wifikill :- (Requires Rooted Phone)

    If you have a small business and you are the owner of that business then i think you want to control your wifi and only allowed it for few staff member then you can do it with the help of wifikill android app .Developer bponury developed this app for kick others device off from your network .But the  main advantage of this app is to increase the speed of bandwidth by removing all other's person.So in this way you can improve your internet speed very easily.Actualy WiFiKill is designed to take revenge on bandwidth hogs who are slowing down your network. 

    The app works only with rooted phones this is the main drawback of this app and if you are familiar with facesniff app then this tool very handy for you because it works as facesniff android app.

     You can Download wifikill from << here  >>

    #5-Android Network Toolkit (By Zimperium)

    it allows you to penetrate ,and it useful for professional penetration testers, ethical hackers, it is also useful to scan for security issues in their network.For your kind information zANTI won the Hack Tool of the Year 2011 Award by THN, PCMagazine's.If you want to map your network then This app is also capable of mapping your network,and do the scanning for vulnerable devices or configuration issues simply by using it on your smartphone.Some of the feature of zANTI provides below 

    you can Easily Make connection to open ports.

    you can do sniffing  of URLs and Cookies as well

    You can do MiTM attacks on your phone

    You can do Server Side and also Client Side Exploits

    You can replace the images of your friends device.

    You can download and find instruction by going to this tutorial and follow the instructions there.And the download link will be send to your email. Open that link from any of your smartphone browsers and then install the app as instructed. (please this is Make sure that 3rd Party Applications installation is enabled you can check it via navigating to this location Settings->Applications->Unknown Sources.)

    #6- Wifi Analyzer:-

    If you want know about how to analyze your or anyone's wifi network then you can easily Turns Your Android smartphone Into A Wi-fi Analyzer .you can configure your router to use any perticular channel which are less crowded,here less crowded mean is the channel which has less connections in the network.You can try to find different channels on your router until you get the best Wi-Fi experience.This app will also give you an idea of whether your network has enough strong or weak signal and whether the channel is currently set to is crowded or not.
    Note:Download it From Google Play Store

    #7- Nmap :-

    Network Mapper is a great app For them who want to Scan the network. By using Nmap you can get entire information about any website and i think you know that every websites has own ip address so you can also get entire information about any particular ip address .And the best thing with  Nmap is ,it works on both rooted and unrooted device but there are some limitation of this app for non rooted user.So i recommend you to root your device.
    Note: Download it from google play store

    #8- AnDOSid :-

    This app Is Designed For Security Professionals who want to check the security of any network.Also it is very useful for you if you want to make Dos Attacks From your Android Mobile Phones.You'll not believe but it can easily Simulate A DOS Attack .

    #9- SSHDroid:- Android Secure Shell

    If you want to inhence the security of your system and give it an extra layer of security,actualy i m talking about securing your system while it connect with remote machine. then this tool is very handy for you, I think it Is The Best Protocol app for android users.SSHDroid Is A SSH Server Implementation For Android.This app is helpful for connecting Your Device From A Pc And easily Execute the Commands ie: Terminal And Adb Shell.
     Note: you can Download it  From Google Play Store

    #10- Busybox:- (Requires Rooted Phone)

    I think this is A Must Have app For Any android device but it works only on  Rooted Phone or i think to perform the magic Almost Every Applications which are need root access Needs Busybox. But make sure that installing busybox in device is not so easy like others because many of the device not support it ,actualy BusyBox is a cool tool that provides you several Unix tools in a single executable file.
    Note: you can Download busybox From Google Play Store easily

    #11- Droidsheep:- ( Rooted Phone required)

    Droidsheep Is An best Android App For Securiing And Capturing Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin And Other Accounts.If you want to monitor Arp-table of android then this tool is very helpful for you.It is very smartly Tries To Detect Arp-spoofing On The Network, Such As An Attack By Droidsheep, Faceniff And Other Software.


    Now here is the end of the article ,this is overall information for you i think,if you know more application like these given above apps  please do share with us .Thanks for visit Extra-Tips-Tricks ,have a nice day friends.if you like my post please don't forget to share it on facebook or any where whatever you want.also don't forget to like my facebook fan page for newly updates .