How To Find Facebook User Id , Facebook Id And Facebook Group Id And Find Your Friends ID 2017

Now today you'll know the following thing about your fb profile. 
  • a) How to obtain your Facebook UserId number ?
  • b) How to find my facebook page id ?
  • c) How to get my facebook group id number ?
  • d) How to determine your friends facebook id ?

lets see all one by one ---

A) Find Facebook User ID

Follow below given simple Steps and know about "how to find your Facebook id"

Step:1) First of all go to your Facebook account from this link  (yes mobile version of Facebook ) because it is easy to load and easy to use.

Step:2) After that you need to login here with your unique username and password.
Step:3) Now just click on the "profile"
Step:4) When you are in the profile window simply go to url box and copy the full url
Step:5) Now you need to going to this site   which give you your fb id .
Step:6) Just past the url which is copied by you in step 4 in the box and hit  "find my id" button

Step:7) Now if you follow all steps wisely then you get your facebook id like :200001234567

B) Find Facebook Page I

Step:1.) Go to your facebook page main screen
Step:2.) Simply click on  "comment" button of any status(not have any photo) on your facebook page.
Step:3.) After that go to the url box and here you see a numaric code after the "id=" ,this is your facebook page id .

C)  Find Facebook Group I

Step:1. First of all open your facebook account and click on the name of the group ,found in the sidebar on your facebook home page under the "groups" heading. 

Step:2. now you need to look the url of facebook group web page in your web browser it look like below format and the group id is the no .between two slashes.
Note: In some case the url is different from above given format and not have any numeric value it is look like below format
In this case you need to use the tool simply go to this website " " and enter the url of the facebook group page 

That's it ,this website give you the group id .

D) Determine A Friends Id Number On Facebook

Step 1) First of all you need to open your facebook account then navigate to the account of a Facebook friend whose id you want to see

Step 2) Now here two ways of finding the id of your facebook friends
  • First Look at the URL that appears in your address bar as you view your friend's profile. It may end in a string of numbers. If so, these final numbers in the address make up your friend's ID number.
  • Hover your cursor over your friend's profile picture if the number does not appear in the address bar. This means your friend has customized her URL. Look to the bottom of your browser; you should see a URL appear there. Your friend's Facebook ID number is the last solid string of numbers in this URL. It may appear after other numbers, but there is a period between. For example, if this URL ends, "123456789.9997542321&type=1," your friend's ID number is "9997542321."

Step 3) Repeat this process for each friend whose Facebook ID number you wish to view.

This is the overall procedure to find all type of your facebook ID , if you face any type of problem in any steps without feeling anything you are free to ask, i am here for you always. if you like this post or found it bit useful then please don't forget to share this using below given share buttons ,i will thank for share.
Have a nice day :)