How To Read Someone's WhatsApp Database (Crypt8) Messages In Android Mobile 2017


Hello friends you are welcome here in this blog ,today's topic is how you can extract Whatsapp chat history using your android mobile also using your computer or laptop.
So here I'll tell how can you hack whatsapp messages and read whatsapp content of other users also but for your kind information  Extracting whatsapp chat is not so easy because whatsapp protect its database using crypt file ,or we can say whatsapps encrypt all backup data in .crypt format. The all whatsapp messages stores in encrypt format. 
So here I will tell you every thing about extracting whatsapp data in detailed .After studying this full post you are able to understand :
  • How to read backup of  your own whatsapp chat history using android phone-root required
  • How to hack or read whatsapp chat of other's using this post if you have some mind
First you need to know every single steps :

Benefit Of Reading This Full Post:

  • 1. If you delete your whatsapp chat due to any resion ,but in the next day you need to read that chat ,then this post is helpful for you read deleted whatsapp chat.
  • 2. Not your own whatsapp chat you read also you can read another person's whatsapp message using your mind
  • 3. You become famous in your friends list lol :)

Where WhatsApp Database  Is Stored?

Whatsapp protect his database from encryption like .crypt5,.crypt6,.crypt7 and .crypt8 is the last protection of whatsapp ,If you have installed WhatsApp on Phone memory, then you can find the WhatsApp database at /sdcard/whatsapp/Databases folder The database files may have names like msgstore.db.crypt8, This database files are updated on every conversation you make in WhatsApp. The name of the contact and phone number may also be displayed in case of last two files.

Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile 2014-2015-2016


Steps To Hack And Extract Whatsapp Data Without PC In Android Mobile-Root required

Follow below given step by step guide and read backup message of your whatsapp account.

Step:1) First of all open your whatsapp account  and now you need to make backup  of your Whatsapp Messages ,whatsapp make automaticaly backup of your chat every 4:00 pm of a day, If you don't know how can you make backup of whatsapp messages don't worry first open whatsapp account >> setting >> chat setting >> scroll down and see "back up chats" >>simply tap on it >> that's it

(see below screenshot for clear understanding of step 1)


Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile 2014-2015-2016
Step:2) Now you need to root your android device this is very important step for everyone ,for read whatsapp database your phone must be rooted ,if you don't know how to root your android device simply go to this link "how to root andoid phone" if in case you are unable to root your device simply go to this article i think it is helpful for you .

Step:3) After rooting your device you need to download and install an app named whatcrypt you can download it by going to this site and scroll down the page and see the option download whatcrypt for android simply click on it., This android app decrypt whatsapp crypt 8 format to readable .db(database) format.

Step:4) Now open whatcrypt application ,and here you get a window having many option simply click on "whatcrypt setting" (see below screenshot for best understanding)


Step:5) after that in "whatcrypt setting" two option you can see in the below of the screen simply click on "Fetch key(root only) " ,when you click on this button it required root permission simply grant root permission ,and you can see a message like "key copied is successfully" and after save setting .

Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile 2014-2015-2016

Step:6) NOW come on the main screen of the whatcrypt and click on "decrypt whatsapp database" when you click on the button it suddenly decrypt your file and say 'your decryption is complete' ,here when you click on decrypt database button your whatsapp mgstore.db.crypt8 database file  converted into mgstore.db which is easily readable.

(see all below screenshot for clear understanding of the step 6) 

Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile 2014-2015-2016 

 Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile 2014-2015-2016

Step:7) now you have the readable database file mgstore.db ,this mean this file is not encrypted for reading this file you need a application named "Sqlite Editor" you can download it from google play store or directly from this given link  it is paid apps or you can also use free version of  sqlite editor which is downloaded  from here.

Step:8) Now when you download sqlite simply open it and it required root permission simply grant root permission after that a new widow will open having many files and apps simply scroll down till you get "whatsapp app " click on "whatsapp " messenger ,

(see below screenshot for clear understanding of  step 8)Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile 2014-2015-2016

Step:9) when you click on whatsapp you get a new screen like below picture simply click on "mgstore.db" file

Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile 2014-2015-2016

Step:10) After that you get options for your database what type of file you need to read.if you want to read message simply click on "message" option like below pictures.


Step:11) YOU are almost done friends when you click on messages option you can see all the message show on the screen of your android device like below one picture . 


Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile 2014-2015-2016

That's it dear reader :)

Some Idea About How To Hack Whatsapp Chat Of Other's (Friends Or Family Member) 2017

In above given tutorial you learn everything about how you easily extract whatsapp chat history of your own account ,but do you think or realize after reading full post ,it is also possible to read another's chat history in simple effort ,I give an idea about how to use this technique against your friends or family member ,if you access your friends mobile for few minutes ,and send its databse file to your mobile via any sending medium like bluetooth,wifi,usb etc...don't worry if you are unable to understand what i'm trying to say please see below given steps and hack your friends whatsapp account and read their full chat history .

If you are the expert then you can easily apply above given method with your friends mobile it can  not take more then 10 minutes for minded person.follow given below step against your friends.But before take the mobile you prepare for some apps which is useful for you (which i am using in above given tutorial) .

Prepare For Hacking:

 you need the apk file of below given application

  • 1.) Invetigate first for dezire root software which is supported by your friend's android device or model using google uncle ,download its apk file ,this is because when you access android mobile of other's you need to root his device,without rooting you are not able to read his messeges.
  • 2) Download whatcrypt APK file
Note:I personally tested it and only take 7 minutes to hack whatsapp messags of my friend .
Follow step by step guide to hack someone whatsapp account and read their message

Step:1) first take your friends mobile for 10 minutes

Step:2) very first thing to root the phone of your friends this is very important step to root your friend's android mobile it can take 2-4 minutes, use any particular application to root his device.

Step:3) when you successfully root his device do fast and  install whatcrpt application in his device it can take not more then 2 minutes for install and open if you are expert.

Step:4) simply open whatcrypt app and go to " whatcrypt setting"then " click on fetch key"

Step:5) now again back to main screen of whatcrypt and click on "decrypt whatsapp database"  and you know very well it convert his"mgstore.db.crypt8"file into"mgstore.db"

Step:6) you are successfully decrpyt all messeges of his friends simply send this decrpt mgstore.db file to your own android device
Note: mgstore.db file stored in the same location which is sdcard>>whatsapp>>database>>mgstore.db.....and you need to send this mgstore.db file to your device via any medium like Bluetooth.
Step:7) Now the work of your friends mobile complete and simply give his phone now you have your friend's database file (mgstore.db) which  is readable as you know.

Step:8) simply open sqlite editor app on your device and open his database file mgstore.db like above given tutorial in step 7 to 10 

That's it friends

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