Mass Followers Twitter Script For 1000 Twitter Followers Daily 2017

Follow below given steps carefully/

Step To Follow For Getting More Twitter Follower

Step:1) first of all you need to open your twitter account by going to using mozilla firefox (recommended) 

Step:2) After that open an account of any person,celebrity,whatever and open the list of follower of that person for example like my follower page

Step:3) After that in this window you can see  lots of follow button of their friends .

Step:4) Now your main task come which is mass follow ,or we can see you are going to send the follow request to many people in single click,So for this simply copy below written code at it is.
Javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('button-text follow-text'); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }
Step:5) After that you need to open the console box of your  Mozilla Firefox web browser if you don't know how to open console box simply  press "F12" button from your keyboard and click on "console".

Step:6) when you  open console box ,simply past the code in the box which is copied by you in step 4

Step:7) And hit "enter" button

Step:8)  Now you see that all follow button turn into following button.
That's it guys you are successfully follow 1000 people and wait for refollow ,So this is javascript for following 1000 of  twitter followers in just sec.


  • Use this script only one time a day.
  • Not follow more than 400users per day.
  • For getting more follower follow celebarity followers list.
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