7 method to remove shorcuts virus from pendrive full guide here 2017

So, let’s get into the 7 Powerful (Yet Easy) Tricks to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Drive to rescue your data.

#1 )Remove Shortcut Virus Using UsbFix Tool

Must read these tutorials:
Step:1) First of all you will need to download usbFix tool on your pc you can download it from below given link 
Download USBFIX. 
Step:2) After than downloading simply install it like others software by just click install>install> and done!

Step:3) now i assuming that you properly install usbFix software on your pc now  simply this time  Connect your external data source to your pc like USB keys/Pendrive/External HDD drive which contains the shortcut virus.

Remember:After inserting your pendrive in your pc don't open it .
Step:4) After that open and run usbfix tool and Click on “clean“ button  On clicking it, the process to remove shortcut virus will start.

Step:5) When the process is start all infected elements are displayed like below figure

shorcut removal guide from pendrive

Step:6) After that a screen will come which need some donation,if you want to donote click on yes otherwise click on No button,it is not nessesary to donate.

 shorcut removal guide from pendrive

Step:7)  simply restart your computer.

And that's it friends your pendrive is free from all type of infections.

If you want to more tutorial on usbFix tool and how to use its all feature visit it official site from here

B) How Easily Kill USB Shortcut Virus With VBScript File In Less Then 1 Minute

Lets Know How To Use VB Script For Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive

Step:1) First of all you will need to download a VB script called Amvo virus Vbscript from below given link
Download Amvo Virus VBScript
Step:2) After downloading Vbscript from above given link simply run it by clicking double.

Step:3) When you run it A dialog box will pop up, asking you to click on “OK” .

Done! all the thing is done automatically it remove all the virus from your USB

C) How To Remove Shortcut Virus Using CMD From Infected Pendrive

Procedure TO Remove Shortcut Virus Using CMD

Step:1) First of all you will need to connect your USB drive in your PC.

Step:2) After that you will need to use cmd if you don't know how to open command prompt (cmd ) simply follow this Open Start Menu –> Run. (To open run dialog, you can alternatively type “Win+R“). In the Run dialog box, type “cmd“ and hit enter.A black screen will come that is your command prompt .

shorcut removal guide from pendrive

Step: 3) Read this step carefully even a single letter what i am trying to say you ,simply Copy the below given any one code and paste it into CMD and hit enter button of your keyboard
ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D G:*.*
Important Note: There is one space between
ATTRIB and " - "
H and " - "
R and " - "
S and " / "
D and G
shorcut removal guide from pendrive  
ATTRIB G:*.* /D /S -H -R -S
Important Note: There is one space between
* and  /
D and /
S and -
H and -
R and -

shorcut removal guide from pendrive
Note: You’ll need to change the “G” letter of the code to your Pen Drive’s letter. G was just an assumption (for the above example.)
Step:4) After click enter button your system automatically remove all type of virus from your pendrive and you get your USB fress.

D) Use A Bat File Is An Executable File Which Contains Some Pre-Written Script For Remove Shorcuts Virus

Follow Simple STEPS TO CREATE A .BAT FILE AND REMOVE shorcut virus

Step:1) first of all you will need to  make a notepad file so simply open your  Notepad.

Step:2) After that guys Paste the below given code in notepad screen and save it as with a .bat extension (In case if you don't know how to save notepad file simply click on File>>save as>>that's it )
        @echo off
        attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:*.*

        attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:*.*

        attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d G:*.*
       @echo complete

shorcut removal guide from pendrive

Note:Replace letter “G” with the Drive letter of infected removable drive at every instance.

Step:3) When you sucessfully make A.bat file just double click on it and it automatically execute and kill all the virus of your pendrive.

E) Removing Shortcut Virus From Registry

Follow below given steps and know how you delete all type of virus from your registry


Step:1) first of all  Open “Task Manager” by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Step:2) After that click on the “Processes” tab, and find “Wscript.exe“. If you find it, select it and then click “End Processes".

Step:3) Then Open “Run” dialog box by pressing Win + R key (In windows) ,and  type “regedit“ in the run box and hit enter button . This will open the Registry Editor.

shorcut removal guide from pendrive

Step:4) After that Navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Run“. Here, look for a registry key named “odwcamszas“, right click on it.

F) How To Config Tweaking To Remove Shortcut Virus!

following the below steps, if you identify the virus, you can directly remove it.


Step:1) Very first you need to Open the Run box (by pressing window+R key ) and type  “%temp%“ in the run box, This will open the Temporary Files folder.


Step:2) After that Search in that folder for “nkvasyoxww.vbs“. If found, delete it.

Step:3) Now  Again, open the Run box and type in “msconfig“. Go to Startup Tab, disable “nkvasyoxww.vbs” from there. (In Windows 8, open Task Manager, go to Startup tab, and disable “nkvasyoxww.vbs“

G) Shortcut Virus Remover – A Removal Tool to Get Rid of Shortcut Virus

Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re done!you can download it from below given link. 
Download Shortcut Virus Remover 

Hint:  you can also check Other freewares like Free Shortcut Remover  and Shortcut Virus Fixer 

How to Prevent Future Injections Of Shortcut Virus?

  • Turning off Autorun for USB Drives: 
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