Best 20 Android Hacking Tricks And hacking Tutorials 2017

Hello friends this is the ending of 2015 and 1 month more for starting new year 2016 ,So i decided to provide best tricks and tips for android users which are performing well in 2015 . First tell about this blog ,it is 9 months old tech blog here i cover all those topic which are not available on the internet even present but not in correct and clear step by step procedure ,you are free to check my blog post and compare with any article which exist on any site.
Now come to the point In 9 months Some of my android tutorial are perform well ,Which are given below ,this is big success for my new blog .In 9 months i achieve almost 1 million page-views which is good no. for me or any newbie.

Today here i shall mention top 20 best Hacking and tips tricks tutorial which is absolutely  free of cost .I 'm sure that after reading this post you get enough knowledge about android .Generally  android  is  the  most  versatile  platform  ever  produced.  So for the  request  of  many  readers  today  I  am  going  to  start  a article  which is  all about  android .many time  you should realize that Android gadgets are massively more customizable than their Apple iOS counterparts.

So Lets start :--

Now click on any link and read any perticular article which you want and you feel need for it.
2nd:-- Method to Change and edit Android Host File and Block any Website in Android Phone with and without root
3rd:--How you Hack All Android Phone Contacts from a App called AFLogical forensis tool
4rth:-- How to Hack Wi Fi Using Android Phone/device or tablet
How to Hack Wi Fi Using Android Phone/device or tablet 2015-2016 - See more at:
5th:--Best 18+ Android Spy Apps for your Android Phone (2015-2016) must use these apps in your mobile
6th:--Detailed Guide on how To Change Your Android Device ID (2015-2016) with and without root
7nth:--  Hack and Extract Whatsapp Messages or database Without PC in Android Mobile
8th:-- 11+ best ANDROID Application TO TURN YOUR ANDROID MOBILE INTO HACKING MACHINE 2015-2016 for rooted or unroot phone 
9nth:--how to make facebook phishing application for android
10nth:-- how to Install Kali Linux on Andoid Device Easily 
11nth:-- Control Your PC Via Your Android Phone 
12th:-- how to enable usb debugging mode on your android devices 
13nth:--best android hack to increase internet speed in android device 
14nth:--5 best Methods to Recover lost/Deleted data on Android device
Control Your PC Via Your Android Phone using Googl... - See more at:

  15nth:-- Easy way to Unlock/Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on android device
16nth:--  how to download all android paid apps for free by hack google play store
18nth:--  how to transfer whatsapp chat from old phone to new (for blackberry,android,windows,s60) 

Thanks for stay here and learn my android tutorials series ,I will Add more tutorials on this topic keep bookmarking this post,if you want to read any particular topic you are free to comment below ,comment your topic and i cover it for you in simple manner. If you like it please share it with your friends and please share it on facebook ,twitter or google+

Easy way to Unlock/Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on ... - See more at: