Hack Facebook By Desktop Phishing using xampp 2018 and how to secure yourself from it?

Hello friends ,Today I am going to show you a tutorial on how to hack facebook using dns spoofing technique. It is also know as DNS spoofing method ,one more name of this type of phishing is silent phishing or advance phishing.In my previous post hack Facebook using phishing method i explain about phishing and how it will work ? if you have allready read my previous post then you know very well that in phishing method you need to upload your fake page on the free web  hosting site so web hosting company suspend your account because of phishing page.

What is Desktop Phishing?

In the desktop phishing attacker need to do only edit the hosts file of victim's system and make changes on it by adding some extra text or attacker can just replace victim's hosts file.And if victim will open the real website like facebook.com or twitter.com then real website will not open ,instead of it the phishing page will open which looking like same as original .

what is the Concept Behind Desktop Phishing  Hack :

You know how a website will open in windows system? actualy when someone try to open any site via any web browser then first the system check that the associated ip of that site in hosts file Before opening the site. For example if we add  www.Facebook.com 

In the end of the hosts file and save the hosts file and if victim will try to open the www.facebook.com then instead of facebook.com the google.com will open because in hosts file we add the ip of google.com ( before www.facebook.com , So you can think that if any how hacker able to add the ip of allready hosted phishing page in your hosts file then you are hacked.Hosts file located in the following location:


Step by step guide for hacking Facebook account with desktop phishing

Now follow bellow given step by step procedure :

Step:1) first of all you need to make fake Facebook  log in page if you don't know how to make simply read my article how to hack Facebook using phishing .

Step:2) Now I am assuming you have following two files which you make in step 1

  • a) index.htm
  • b) hack.php
Step:3) Now you need to make your computer as a server using xampp server software .if you don't know how to make your computer as server read my article first how to make your computer as a web server.

Step:4) For your clear understanding  again I assuming you make your computer as a web server

Step:5) When you make your computer as a server you need to put these two files one is index.htm and second is hack.php in your Xampp Server location c:\xampp\htdocs 

Step:6) Now your half work is done! Simply you need to know the ip address of your system so if your victim open the ip address your phishing page will open globally.For making your two files is globally available you need to create a static ip ,you can search on google on how to make your ip static but you can check your external I.P address by going to this link http://www.whatismyip.com site and copy your PUBLIC I.P address from there.But remember you neet a static ip not dynamic ip.

Step:7) Now This time we need to change the host file of victim's computer.

Step:8) Now copy your hosts  file  from the location c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\  and paste it into the desktop because later you'll change the victim's hosts file by your.So first you need to create a new hosts file.

Step:9) After that open this hosts file using notepad or notepad++.

Step:10) Now you need to modify this host file like below.

xx:xx:xxx:xx  www.facebook.com/
xx:xx:xxx:xx  facebook.com/

Note: xx:xx:xxx:xx is the external or public ip address of your computer which you find from www.whatismyip.com

Step:11) Now the time come how to send this hosts file to your victim or how to replace voctim's hosts file by your's ,So you need to create a solid archive using WinRar software, you can download winrar  from here

Step:12) Follow below given screenshot one after one for knowing how to create a solid archive.

Step:13)  now you can send this archive to the victim when victim double click on this archive his hosts file automatically modify.

now when your victim open his browser and enter Facebook.com or www.facebook.com your fake phishing page will open instead of the original Facebook page.you can also use any good binder software to send this archive.

If you like this article please share it and faced any problem feel free email me or comment below I replied your comment with in next 2 hours.have enjoy hacking stay tune with this blog.

Thank you..