How To Create Facebook Phishing apk For Android 2017

I hope you are fine ,now today i am coming with a new method of hacking Facebook using android application ,In my previous post how to hack Facebook via phishing page I explained all steps in sequence wise for your clear understanding , today we'll use phishing but in another form of phishing ,in this tutorial we create an android application for android device when you or victim install it on his android device the fake Facebook phishing page will open when victim enter details all the information is saved in Web hosting server. This method is working when your victim has android device just say them that install this .apk file and enjoy Facebook hacking with apk.

Important Note: (Update)

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  • 1-you'll need facebook phishing page with php script (don't worry if you don't know about it i'll explain it below)
  • 2-A web-hosting account where you host your phishing page
  • 3-and some time( at least 5 minutes if you are newbie)

Lets Start Our Tutorial :

for your clear understanding i divide this tutorial in two section listed below:
  • A-) Make phishing page and upload it on webhosting server
  • B-) Make the android application using phishing page

A) Step By Step Guide To Make Facebook Phishing page And Upload It On Server

Step:A) Very first you need a phishing link ,if you don't know how to create phishing link then read this post first how to hack facebook using phishing link ,without phishing link you can't create your own phishing apk file which is responsible for fb hacking.Also if you are a indian users who want to know how to hack facebook in hindi langauge then read this post and create your phishing link easily. 

B)Make an android application using online app creator 

Step:2) first of all Go to this site which offer to create a android application online without having any coding or extra knowledge of any programming language.

Step:3) after that you need to Click on CREATE NOW Button

how to make facebook phishing application for android phone -2015

Step4) here you get few option like below picture  simply Click the option "website"


how to make facebook phishing application for android phone -2015

Step:5) Here in this window you will see some fields  ,fill them like below

  •  website url : Enter the  phishing page's url  (that you created in step17)
  • App name: Facebook or something related with facebook,
  • Description: here give description about your app what ever you want ,
  • Icon:  In icon field you have two option one is  use your "cutsom icom and second is default icon choose one which you want.

Step:6) when you filled all the required fields  just Click "Create app" button for creating your own phishing app and you have almost done!

Step:7) when you click on "create app" button a new window will open and ask for your name,last name ,email,password  simply enter all fields and hit  "sign up" button 

Step:8) now when you make an account successfully simply open your control panel here you see the option "download your application' hence download your android phishing facebook app easily.

that's it guys.

Warning:this tutorial is only for educational purpose don't  heart anyone using  this trick or hack otherwise this blog is not responsible for the action taken by anyone against you.

if you follow all procedure step by step then i'm dame sure that you easily make your own app ,if you faced any problem in any steps past your comment using below comment box ,if you like my post please don't forget to share my post .