Detailed Guide On How to Install a Custom ROM on Android 2016

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If you want to install or flash a custom ROM on your Android phone then I can bet that your phone’s version is old and you had bought it for at least one year ago. How do I guess this? Simple, you want to enjoy new features in fact, those features which you Android phone may never had without flashing or installing a custom ROM on it.When you would have bought your Android phone it will be the latest version of Android and you can enjoy some useful features which the older one had not. After one or two years its performance decreased and it became sluggish.
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Most of you know what a custom ROM is but I am writing this article for a large number of audience so I have to state what a Custom ROM is and what are its benefits etc. if you already know these things then please skip below three paragraphs.

What is a Custom ROM?

You may have heard the word ROM that stands for Read Only Memory but in the world of Android the meaning of ROM is not Read Only Memory, instead, Android’s Custom ROM is a totally different thing which I will explain in below paragraph.

When your buy a new Android phone it comes with a default operating system (OS) which have a limited functionality. That OS is also referred as Android firmware, Stock firmware or Stock ROM all of these three terms say the same meanings. Android is an open source OS which means anyone can edit its coding recompile it, edit the appearance, interface and anything which he wants to do it can do. A Custom ROM is the edited version of the STOCK ROM. These Stock ROMs are often edited due to the low functionalities and performance and are converted into useful and high performance ROMs which help the users to do various tasks very easily. The best thing about the CUSTOM ROM is you don’t need to buy it (as Windows) because these are edited by passionate developers not by professionals.
There are also many benefits too for flashing/Installing a Custom ROM on your Android phone. Some of them are listed below.

⦁    Increases the performance
⦁    Provides even better user experience
⦁    Updates your phone according to the next version
⦁    Mostly more attractive interface then previous one

What are Requirements for Installing a Custom ROM on your Android Device?

For installing a custom ROM on your Android phone you need basically 4 things to be in your hand otherwise it will be a dream for you to install a Custom ROM on your Android phone.

* Unlocked bootloader 

* Custom Recovery

* GApps 

* Custom ROM  

Steps to Install/Flash a Custom ROM on your Android Device 

The process of installing a custom ROM on your Android device includes 4 steps these steps are listed below.

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Step 1: Download ROM:First you need to find and download a CUSTOM ROM for your phone which is correctly matching to your Android’s Model. It is very important that your find and download the correct ROM for your Android phone because the ROM must be compatible with the hardware of your phone otherwise it may create critical problem for you. You can find custom ROM for your Android phone either on    or on 
Step 2: Download Google Apps:Having Google Apps is very important for your Android device because without Google Apps like Play Store Android is not very good. So, you should download Google apps from sites like because they have Google Apps for all kind of Android Devices.

Step 3: Boot into Recovery :This is the final step after this step  you will find a new interface of your Android device i.e. a Custom ROM will be installed/Flashed on your Android device.Press the Volume Down and power button for 3 to 5 seconds depending upon your phone’s model it may be vary if this does not work for your then please search the Google for your Phones model on Google. Once you are there just click on the Install ZIP from SD Card.
Note: This option may not appear directly on your phone so first find Install option from there after before this. And this may also not appear if you have not unlocked bootlocker.
When you will click on install zip from sdcard it will take you to the SD of your phone there select the zip file which you had downloaded first i.e. the ROM file.After selecting the ZIP file you have to precede so, just click on “Swipe to Confirm Flash” it may be “Continue” or anything other like this.Wait for a few seconds or even minutes it will flash the custom ROM on your Android device.

Step 4: Clear Cache :This is the final step because here we will clear the cache of our Android device so that old stock ROM cannot effect the working of your new Custom ROM.So, just click wipe data / reset button. This button may be clear format or anything like this for your Android device so doesn’t worry if you not see this button there.

Final step is to reboot your system.

Oh yes! You have successfully flash or installed a new custom ROM for your Android device very easily.There are many different methods to flash a custom ROM on your Android device but this was the most common way for flashing a custom ROM on your Android device.

If you have any problem in this method to flash a custom ROM on your Android device then you can comment below.