How To Use One Whatsapp Account On Two Different Phones Very Easily 2017

Hello guys how are you ,hope you're doing well where you are.One of my reader mail me that can i use the same whatsapp account on 2 phones? So i decide to provide This technique not only to that of my reader but also sharing it with you.

Now my today's topic is how you can use same whatsapp account on two other phones.Actually friend it become very easy task to create 1 whatsapp account on 2 smartphones with the help of a simple utility or application called whatscan.I think you don't know about it, Not worrying much because I'm here for provide you best tricks and hack to fulfill your wish.Actually some time before it is not possible to install whatsapp on 2 devices with same number but now it is possible,So here guys i'll tell you step by step process to make whatsapp multiple device hack.

Steps For Whatsapp Different Phone Number Same Account

Step:1) First of all go to google play store and search for an application called whatscan.You can download it directly from below given link.
Download whatscan application
Step:2) After downloading simply install it on your device (keep in mind you need to install it on your device)
Step:3) Now simply open it ,a screen will open where you need to choose the language,simply choose English as the language and click next.

Step:4) After that a screen will come for setting the password for this app,simply ignore it or click on no button.
Step:5) Now you'll see a QR code will generate,This is the magic code friend when you scan this code from your another device having whatsapp installed, you are able to connect both of them whatsapp account on 2 different devices.So now read further steps how you can scan this code.

Step:6) Now take another phone which have whatsapp installed for any particluar mobile number.Simply open whatsapp account and you'll need to click on the menu option which is located in the upper right side of the corner.And click on whatsapp for web option.

Step:7) A screen will come like below figure,simply click on Ok got it.

Step:8) Now a scanner will open,here you need to scan the QR code of whatscan application from your device.

Step:9) Now you'll see you successfully connect both the devices for whatsapp ,your mobile phone will vibrate once.
Remember: Both the Mobile phone connected with the working internet connection otherwise pairing will not complete.

Some Points You Need To Note About Whatscan Application

  • 1. After pairing the devices for whatsapp you need to open your whatscan app,it will take some time to laod and giving you message many times that trying to connect ,try to pairing etc but don't worry it is usually working of this tool.

  • 2. If you are in the chat screen of whatscan never press back button otherwise you 'll need to open whatscan again and again you feel boring when you will get trying to device or try to pair etc. (Don't worry you don't need to scan the qr code again)

Now this is the end of the article if you like this post please don't forget to share it with your friends or loving one,And please don't misuse this hack for hacking your girlfriend/boyfriend whatsapp account,this is not the right way to love someone without having trust anyway this is not my blog part do whatever you want but I'm not responsible for the action taken by your gf/bf.