What Is Honeypot And How To Setup Honeypot in Kali Linux 2018

Note: The information which provided here is only for educational purpose.
This article is very important for those people who want to hack the hacker.Every hacker in all over the world want to hide their identity any how?So they never compromise with their identity but in this post we learn how you can reveal the identity of a hacker using Honeypot setup.

Actually honeypot setup is a trap by which one can easily know the actual ip and location of the hacker.So in this post i'll try to provide you every peas of information about how you can setup your own honeypot system using kali linux operating system.

Many big companies always prefer to use a smart honeypot in its organization because they don't want to compromise.Because of honeypot setup the owner of the company will easily know about the activity of the hacker later you know how is this possible? don't worry and don't confused.

Types of Honeypot?

Based on deployment honeypot may be classified as :

1. Production honeypot (For getting less information of the hacker)
2.Research honeypot (for getting full detail of the hacker,It have many feature to expose a hacker)

Based on the design criteria honeypot can be classified as:
1. Pure honeypot
2. High-interaction honeypot
3. Low-interaction honeypot
Here my motive is to see the basic setup of honeypot so i'll not provide you full information about these types of honeypot listed above.

What Type Of Information Of The Hacker You Can Hack?

You can know the following information of the hacker or anyone (Not only the hacker but also a normal person).

1. His ip address (may be static or dynamic)
2. The detail of his operating system.
3. web browser which he used
4. which port, hacker use to attack on your system.
And many more ...
So now see all the thing with the help of step by step process.

How To Set It Up Honeypot On Kali Linux Very Easily?

You need to follow below given steps as it is I provide.

Step:1) Very first before setup honeypot on your system you need to download and install a tool called pentbox-1.8  on your kali by simply using this command git clone https://github.com/whitehatpanda/pentbox-1.8

Note: Here in above command the url is the location of pentbox tool,i think you know about this step how to download anything from github site directly from kali os.

Step:2) And after downloading the tool simply execute this command cd pentbox-1.8/ and after that give this command Ls for going to the pentbox folder.

Step:3) Now you'll see a ruby script called pentbox.rb ,and you need to execute this script by entering this command ./pentbox.rb and press enter button. 

Step:4) Now some options will come here you need to choose option no. 2 which is network tools.So type the no. 2 and press enter button.

Step:5) After that again some option you'll see simply choose option no. 3 which is honeypot.So type no. 3 in terminal and press enter button.

Step:6) Now Here you'll need to choose a option two options (Auto configuration and second one is manual configuration.

Step:7) So Choose any one of them according to your need but here i m choosing auto configuration mode.
Note:If you want to choose manual configuration option then you can ,in manual configuration you can choose any port no. which you want to use to know the information of hacker ,suppose if hacker identify in your computer that your port no. 4444 is free for malware attack or some other attacks then obviously hacker use that port for entering in your system but they don't know you have already set up the honeypot hahahaha.
Step:8) So for auto configuration enter 1 and you'll see that the honeypot will start on port no. 80 or anything which can active for monitor your system.

Step:9) Now for checking that honeypot set up working or not simply copy your ip address by executing ifconfig command and enter that ip in any of your web browser and press enter.So after entering the ip address go towards the terminal windows and here now you'll see the full detail of the hacker.

If you want to know the actual ip of the victim or the hacker so you just need to make your ip static and send it to anyone if someone click on that link all his information automatically copied in your system in log format.If you can make your ip static then trace anyone all over the worlds with this simple honeypot method.

So guys this is the basic set up of any honeypot solution.In my next post i'll tell you the advance setup of this tool.If you like this post please share it with your friends or simply socialize it if you can.Thank you...