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ExtraTipsTricks, founded on 2014, as a technology blog which covers Android tricks and tips, computer software, hacks, productivity tools, web hacks and info, business and tech. news and social media.And revieve 7000-10000 page views perday from all over the world ,mainly from USA,UK,CANADA,INDIA,UAE etc and also 
It receive 475000+ impression per month according to adsense dashboard .Below i will show you full traffic stats of my blog for your better understanding.

Alexa Traffic Stats

Alexa Rank : Updated on 13/09/2016
Global Rank :       245,545
Rank In India :      26,427
Rank in USA:         531001

Semrus Traffic stats

Semrus Rank :  265034
Organic keyword:  8000+
Organic cost : $1900

Note: Traffic stats will be updated in next month.

How Much Trafiic We Get From Google

For your kind information dear advertiser we get almost 80% of my traffic from google or we can say organic traffic you can check it with the help of below given screenshot .(This screenshot show monthly details). we recieve 475000+ impression per month as per adsense dashboard.

Ads Guidelines

Ads may not contain nudity and content that is not family safe.
We don not accept text links.
Should you require a creative in another format, send email

1. All price are in USD.
2. We currently accept only Paypal.

Table of price for different ad block size

Location                                                                  price

729x90 above the post title                                     $200.0 per 30 days

468x60 Right Sidebar        $150.0 per 30 days

300x250 Right Sidebar     $150.0 per 30 days

125x125 Right Sidebar     $75.0 per 30 days

Post_footer_468x60 (468x60)                          $100.0 per 30 days

Important: If you place order for 6 months then i offer you a handsome discount for That adblock size minimum 10% disccount.

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